Arthur Daniels, Navy Yard Victim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Arthur Daniels, a 51-year-old furniture repairman, was shot and killed by Aaron Alexis while attempting to flee during the Washington Navy Yard shooting of September 16, 2013.

Here’s what you should know about this beloved family man.

1. Daniels Was Shot in the Back While Attempting to Flee

(FOX 5)

(FOX 5)

According to the Washington Post, Daniels spotted Aaron Alexis, the gunman, running down the hallway of Building 197. Witnesses say he and a colleague were running away from him. As they arrived at the elevator and frantically waited for the doors to open, Daniels was shot in the back.

“It was totally surreal,” said a witness, who worked with Daniels. “When Arthur was shot, he fell over immediately.”

2. Daniels Was a Furniture Installer



Daniels was a subcontractor for District Furniture Repair in Arlington County. According to the Washington Post, he installed office furniture in federal government buildings around the region. He was assigned to the Navy Yard on the day of the shooting.

3. Daniels’ Family Is in Shock


Understandably, the Daniels family is in shock over the tragedy.

“I don’t know why they shot him,” said Priscilla Daniels, Arthur’s wife. “He was a good father and hard worker.”

Priscilla told reporters how she waited around all day to hear whether her husband was one of the victims.

“All he did was went to work. That’s all,” Priscilla told reporters. “That man didn’t have to shoot my husband. I love my husband.”

Daniels’ son, Arthur Jr., said the family was struggling to “understand why” this happened.

“All he did was go to work,” he said. “That was his only crime.”

4. Daniels’ Employers Mourn His Death

Untitled-1 copy

Lewis R Yancey II, who owns District Furniture Repair, gave the media an insight into Daniels’ personality and warm friendliness.

“He has this great personality and is always helping others,” said Yancey. “And I have to wonder if he was doing that when he was shot.”

Daniels had been with the company for two years, according to the Washington Post.

Brian Nault, president and co-owner of Blue Water Federal Solutions, a contracting company that had hired District Furniture, said that the wait for news about the victims was “heart-wrenching.” The company employs 19 workers who were on-site at the Navy Yard on a facility management contract, including Daniels.

“We are stunned and confused,” said Nault. “This was obviously a very, very sad day.”

5. Daniels Had Nine Grandchildren



Daniels is survived by his wife and five children, according to ABC7. He also leaves behind nine grandchildren.

He and his wife Priscilla were married for 30 years.

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