Colorado Flash Floods 2013: 5 Videos You Need to See

Colorado is currently experiencing extreme flash flooding. Three have died already, and photos are pouring in from throughout the state demonstrating the intensity of the water. Here’s 5 Videos You Need to See depicting the Colorado flash floods.

5. Residents Wade Through Underpass

While this is underground, you can still get an idea of just how much h2o is pouring onto Colorado. Houses have been washed away and according to some reports, the water is as high as some house’s first floor windows.

4.Some People Opted to Have Fun, Riding Inner Tubes in the Floods

Some people call them “doughnut rings,” but the bottom line is this, some Colorado-residents have opted to take the frightening floods with a grain of salt and have taken to the waters on floaties. Looks like fun.

3. Others Took to Their Bikes

If you’ve ever wondered if you can ride a bike through a moving current, here’s your answer: you can. It is very slow, apparently, but it can be done.

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2. NOAA’s Insane Flash Flood Warning Sounds Like a Rush Song

While this is very loud and obnoxious, subtlety isn’t exactly a good thing when it comes to emergency alarms.

1. Ridiculous Rescue from an Upside Down Car

This is pretty much the worst case scenario and the number one reason they warn people not to drive: your car can easily become a death cage. Terrifying, but thankfully, this person makes it out just fine.

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