Maria Hanslovan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Pirates' Andrew McCutchen proposes on 'Ellen' showPirates centerfielder Andrew McCutchen proposed to his girlfriend, Maria Hansloven, on today's "Ellen" show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. She said yes. (12/11/2013)2013-12-11T17:18:14.000Z

Maria Hanslovan is the now-fiancee of Pittsburgh Pirates star and National League MVP Andrew McCutchen. All of the emotional drama unfolded on the The Ellen Show where McCutchen was a guest. He ushered his long-term girlfriend from the audience, then he proceeded to get down on bended knee and pop the question before lavishing her with flowers. Of course, she said yes.

The MLB star’s Twitter indicates that the show was taped on December 9 in Burbank, California.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. They’ve Been Together Since Before McCutchen Was a Star

Maria Hanslovan Andrew MucCutchen Fiancee Girlfriend Proposal Video Ellen Show


The couple have been dating for four years. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on the ring that McCutchen splurged on for his lovely bride:

As someone who spends a great deal of time on one, Mr. McCutchen knows diamonds. He has been doing advertisements for Orr’s Jewelers in Squirrel Hill and Sewickley, so it was only natural he buy the white diamond engagement ring there. He reportedly picked it up about a month ago.

“Andrew and I met and I made a few suggestions,” said Duane McConeghy, manager of the Squirrel Hill location. “It’s quite a beautiful ring, custom-made. The center diamond is a round brilliant, with a platinum halo design.”

Although he would not specify the center stone’s size or the ring’s carat weight, “it’s an important diamond,” he said.

2. Her Fiance Has Already Proved He’s Her Knight in Shining Armor

Maria Kathleen Hanslovan Andrew McCutchen Baseball


In 2012, McCutchen was forced to defend his fiancee from an angry group of fans after she tweeted support for Tim Tebow as he led his Broncos to a win in the Steel City.

Maria Hanslovan Andrew McCutchen Twitter Pics


3. She’s No Gold-digger, She’s God-Fearing

She’s a practicing Christian, and often tweets biblical verse:

4. She Supports Her Husband’s Career

She was very supportive of her fiance’s campaign to be the National League MVP for 2013:

Maria Hanslovan Andrew MucCutchen Fiancee Girlfriend Proposal Video Ellen Show

In 2013, Cutch became the first Pirates’ NL MVP since Barry Bonds. (Getty)

5. She’s No Dummy

She is a graduate of Slippery Rock University with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Chemistry, Hanslovan graduated in 2011. According to the Butler Eagle, McCutchen attended her graduation ceremony.

On a forum for Pittsburgh Pirates fans, one person who says he attended Slippery Rock with her said that she “is a lovely girl from a very grounded family.” He adds that she used to play MLB2K on XBox, though it doesn’t state if she played as the Pirates.

She’s a native of DuBois, Pennsylvania and attended Dubois Central Catholic high school.

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