Wenjian Liu Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Officer Wenjian Liu was shot and killed in his patrol car by madman attacker Ismaaiyl Brinsley on December 20 in Brooklyn, New York. Liu, 32, was with the force for seven years when he died. He died along with his partner Officer Rafael Ramos.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Wasn’t Supposed to Be Working

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The New York Daily News reports that Liu had volunteered to work on the day he was shot because Officer Ramos’ regular partner didn’t show up for work. Liu’s wife made a heartbreaking statement her late husband on the night of December 22:

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Both cops were rushed to Woodhull Medical Center in critical condition after the shooting. Sadly, the two officers were pronounced dead just after 5 p.m. on December 20. The New York Post reports that detectives believe that the gunman thought of the shooting as a revenge mission for Eric Garner and Michael Brown. The officers had been working overtime on an anti-terrorism drill when the shooting happened.

2. The 2 Cops ‘Didn’t Stand a Chance’ Against the Ambush

Commissioner Bill Bratton told the media on December 20 that Officer Liu and his partner, Rafael Ramos, probably never saw their attacker as they were shot “execution style.” One witness had told the New York Daily News that the two cops didn’t stand a chance against Brinsley’s ambush. Liu was in the front passenger’s seat with Ramos had been sitting in the car’s drivers seat.

3. His Funeral Will Be Held on December 22

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New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton speaks at a news conference with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. (Getty)

Officer Liu will be laid to rest on December 27 at 10 a.m. at 64-34 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, New York. There will be a public mourning held on December 26 between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the same church.

4. He Was a Newlywed

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Officer Liu just got married in October 2014.

5. This Is the Second Major Attack Against NYPD Officers in 2 Months

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This shooting comes two months after axe-wielding maniac, Zale Thompson, attacked a group of NYPD officers. He wounded two but was shot dead by the other cops who were present. Thompson’s Facebook page showed multiple references to Black Power. Prior to the attack, he had been discharged from the Navy.

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