Richard Vincent Kirschner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Richard “Rick” Kirschner was among 9 bikers killed in the Waco shootout. (Facebook)

A 47-year-old Texas man was among nine bikers killed Sunday during a shootout involving rival motorcycle clubs and police. Richard “Rick” Kirschner, of Wylie, died of gunshots. An autopsy did not specify where he was shot.

Preliminary autopsy results for the nine men killed in the Waco, Texas biker gang shootout have been released, along with the victims’ names, KWTX reports.

The shooting on Sunday, May 17 involved mainly two biker gangs, the Bandidos and the Cossacks, along with other smaller clubs that were at the Twin Peaks restaurant for a meeting.

Police have arrested more than 170 suspects, charging them all with engaging in organized criminal activity. They have been held on $1 million bail.

Here’s what you need to know about Kirschner and the shootout:

1. He Was a Member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club

Kirschner was known as "Bear." (Facebook)

Kirschner was known as “Bear.” (Facebook)

According to his Facebook page, Kirschner was a member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. He had been based in both the Collins County and Mid-Cities chapters of the club.

Kirschner was known by the nickname “Bear.”

2. He Was the Sergeant at Arms For His Cossacks’ Chapter

Kirschner with his wife. (Facebook)

Kirschner with his wife. (Facebook)

Photos show that Kirschner was the sergeant-at-arms for his chapter of the Cossacks.

In a motorcycle club, the sergeant-at-arms typically maintains order at club meetings and activities, ensures that the club members adhere to club rules and policies and defends the club members, property or territory from outside threats.

3. The Cossacks Are a Texas-Based Club Founded in 1969


The Cossacks were founded in Texas in 1969, according to the book The One Percenter Encyclopedia: The World of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.

The club’s colors are gold and black and its patch features a cossack, which is a nomadic horseman and warrior. Its motto is, “We take care of our own.”

The Cossacks say they traded the horses rode by the warriors of 400 years ago for motorcycles, though they doubt any of their members descended from actual Russian cossacks. The club started on Carlyle Street in Tyler, Texas. Its first president was Earl Swift.

The Cossacks are a Harley-Davidson-only club.

4. The Shooting Remains Under Investigation

The scene of a shootout in Waco, Texas at the Twin Peaks restaurant that left 9 dead and 18 wounded. (Getty)

The scene of a shootout in Waco, Texas at the Twin Peaks restaurant that left 9 dead and 18 wounded. (Getty)

The investigation into the shooting is continuing. What started as an argument between bikers turned deadly as shooting broke out. Police were already in the area after learning of the potential for violence during the biker meeting and responded within seconds. Officers also opened fire, and according to CNN, at least four of the victims were killed by police.

Police have yet to determine who fired the fatal shoots that killed each of the nine men.

5. 8 Other Men From the 2 Clubs Were Killed in the Shooting



According to KWTX, the names of the victims, along with the causes of their deaths, are:

  • Wayne Lee Campbell – 43 – Gunshot wounds to the head and trunk.
  • Jesus Delgado Rodriguez – 65 – Gunshot wounds to the head and trunk.
  • Jacob Lee Rhyne – 39 – Gunshot wounds to the neck.
  • Daniel Raymond Boyett – 44 – Gunshot wounds to the head.
  • Richard Matthew Jordan, III – 31 – Gunshot wounds to the head.
  • Matthew Mark Smith – 27 – Gunshot wounds to the trunk.
  • Manuel Issac Rodriguez – 40 – Unspecified gunshot wounds.
  • Charles Wayne Russell – 46- Gunshot wounds to the chest.