Dr. Mary Gatter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Another undercover video featuring a Planned Parenthood abortion doctor has been released by the mysterious anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress. This one shows a Planned Parenthood medical director, Dr. Mary Gatter, negotiating the price of fetus body parts with people she believes represent a for-profit startup biotech company that connects researchers to donated fetal tissue. In reality, they are actors capturing secret footage on behalf of the Center for Medical Progress.

Like the last video, which was released a week prior and featured Dr. Deborah Nucatola also discussing the harvest of fetal tissue and the price to deliver it, this one is already causing uproar in the pro-life community. The Center for Medical Progress claims these videos prove Planned Parenthood is illegally trafficking fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood says it never profits in any way from donated fetal tissue, and any discussion of price refers to reimbursement for costs associated with the harvest and delivery of specimens.

Here’s what you need to know about Dr. Gatter and her role in this latest controversial video:

1. Gatter Talks About an Abortion Method That Is ‘Less Crunchy,’ Allowing Doctors to Harvest Better Specimens

(Center for Medical Progress)

(Center for Medical Progress)

During the video, Gatter talks about less harmful abortion methods that would allow for doctors to extract a higher quality of organ from fetuses. She calls this method “less crunchy.” Gatter notes that there may be a protocol issue with some patients, but ultimately it would be fine. Later in the video, Gatter also unequivocally states that Planned Parenthood is “not in it for the money.” This video was shot in February 2015 in Pasadena. At the end of the clip, Gatter jokes with the actors, saying she wants a Lamborghini in exchange for the organs.

2. She Once Published a Report That Said Most Women Who Saw Their Baby on an Ultrasound, Had the Abortion Anyway

Dr. Mary Gatter

(Center for Medical Progress)

In 2011, a study of 15,000 women who used Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles was published by the Obstetrics and Gynecology Journal. It showed that women who viewed their baby on an ultrasound still went through with abortions. This is contrary to a popular pro-life argument. According to The Catholic View for Women, that study was carried out by Gatter.

3. She’s a Harvard Graduate

Mary Gatter's Office California

Gatter’s office in Pasadena. (Google Street View)

According to one online profile, Gatter graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1976. She did her medical residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In addition, Gatter is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. On her LinkedIn page, Gatter says that her title at Planned Parenthood is medical director.

4. She Was Honored by Democratic California Senator Carol Liu in 2014

Carol Liu Mary Gatter

(Carol Liu)

In 2014, Gatter was honored with a “Women Mean Business” award by Democratic California Senator Carol Liu at a luncheon in the Pasadena Hilton. She was named as one of the top women in science in the state. According to Senator Liu’s website, she has a “100 Percent Score for her voting record on Women’s Healthcare Services.”

5. The Day Before the Video Was Released, a Planned Parenthood Rep Said More Videos Might Surface

The Washington Post reports that, in the wake of the first undercover video, Republican presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz have called for a full investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices. Speaking to congressional investigators on July 20, a Planned Parenthood rep said that pro-life groups could have infiltrated the organizations and recorded hours of video that they could “deceptively edit,” reports the New York Times.