WATCH: CNN Anchor Poppy Harlow Passes Out on Air

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow passed out while anchoring a live broadcast Monday morning. She was not on screen, but began to slur her words as she read a graphic, before going quiet.

After a few moments of silence, CNN cut to a commercial. When they returned, Harlow, who is pregnant, told viewers she got a bit hot and passed out for a moment. She was later replaced by Christine Romans.

Harlow updated concerned viewers with a message on Twitter, saying she is with the doctor and is OK:

The 33-year-old Minnesota native is expecting her first child, a daughter, with her husband Sinisa Babsic, according to Ad Week. She is due in the spring.

“We could not be more thrilled to have a little girl on the way,” Harlow told Ad Week’s TVNewser. “We feel blessed and are excited for the adventure ahead.”

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Harlow told viewers she got a little hot and passed out.

Harlow is the anchor of CNN Newsroom Weekend, and often fills in during the week. The Columbia University graduate has worked for CNN since 2008, anchoring on, and working as a business correspondent. She has also worked for and NY1 News.