WATCH: El Cajon Protesters Beat & Chase Trump Supporter

Protesters angry about the police shooting of Alfred Olango chased a “Trump supporter while throwing bottles,” according to Fox News correspondent, Will Carr.

“I’m being assaulted just for the hat I’m wearing,” the unidentified man says in a separate YouTube video, in which he is wearing a red baseball cap with Donald Trump’s signature slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

At another point in the video, the man shouts: “I was just attacked! I was just attacked!” as people surround him, he is heard shrieking, and the images get chaotic. He quickly loses the hat, and tells people it’s his personal property.


Trump supporter attacked and beaten in El CajonAttacked, beaten, thrown to the ground and kicked live on periscope. He is then followed until he is rescued by police.2016-09-29T02:25:00.000Z

Trump supporters and detractors quickly shared the incident on Twitter.

Protests again escalated on September 28 in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego, following the death of Olango, 38, an Ugandan immigrant who was shot and killed after assuming a shooting stance with a vape electronic device, police said.

A screenshot from the unidentified Trump supporter's Periscope video at the El Cajon protests.

A screenshot from the unidentified Trump supporter’s Periscope video at the El Cajon protests.

Eyewitnesses have said Olango pleaded with police not to shoot him, and had his arms outstretched when an officer fired. Police released a still photo from the shooting (see below), but have thus far resisted calls to release the full citizen cell phone video they took the frame from.

el cajon police, alfred olango

The screenshot from the shooting provided by El Cajon police.

Police had been called to the scene by Olango’s sister, who claims he was having a mental health issue. Police said in a news conference that Olango, a refugee who had an extensive criminal record, ignored their demands and pointed the vape device at the officer who shot him. Another officer deployed a taser at the same time, police said in the news conference.

There were other dramatic scenes from the El Cajon protests. Protests filled the middle of the street near where Olango died.

Some protesters donned Colin Kaepernick jerseys:

The scene was escalating:

Read more about Alfred Olango here:

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