Why Did Jane Sanders Tweet Bernie’s ‘Don’t Listen to Me’ Video?

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Why did Jane Sanders retweet Bernie’s video about not following his endorsement? (Getty)

Bernie Sanders’ supporters noticed an interesting tweet that Bernie’s wife, Jane Sanders, shared on Friday. Ever since Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton, his supporters have been sharing a video interview where he said, during the primary, that his supporters may not listen to him if he ever told them who to vote for. Jane just retweeted that same video on Friday, in a tweet that had the headline “Bernie Sanders: The Movement Should Not Listen to Me.” Now his supporters are wondering if it was just a nostalgic tweet or if she was trying to send a message.

Here’s a screenshot of Jane’s retweet: 

(Twitter/Jane O'Meara Sanders)

(Twitter/Jane O’Meara Sanders)

Jane retweeted a tweet from Heath Byers that had the headline: “Berne Sanders The Movement Should Not Listen to Me.” The hashtags read: #FridayFeeling, #JustAskBernie and #OurRevolution. The first question from supporters when they heard about Jane’s retweet was to wonder whether the news was legitimate. Yes, it is. She really did tweet that video. The retweet came from Jane O’Meara Sanders’ official, verified Twitter account. She tweeted it on Friday, September 23.

In the video, which was taken during a Town Hall during the primaries, Bernie was asked questions about what would happen if he didn’t win. A Bernie supporter asked: “Many of your supporters are staunchly opposed to Hillary Clinton and are considering writing you in, voting for a third party candidate, or not voting at all if you don’t win the nomination… Will you encourage your supporters to vote for Secretary Clinton?” Bernie answered:

“We’re not a movement where I can snap my fingers and say to you what you should do… You won’t listen to me, you shouldn’t, you make these decisions yourself…

He continued by saying that it was Clinton’s job to convince his voters, who do not believe in establishment politics, that she is ready to pass Medicare for all, make public college tuition free, pass a carbon tax, and approach climate change as a real crisis and not use incremental steps. She would have to convince his supporters that she was not just representing big money interests.

You can watch the video below:

The video became a rallying cry for many #BernieorBust supporters, who believed it was Bernie’s way of telling them not to vote for Clinton or listen to his future endorsements. Whether or not that is what Bernie meant, only Bernie himself can say. Thus far, he has been supporting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy as being preferable to a Donald Trump presidency. However, many of his supporters are also using the video as part of their reason for supporting third-party candidate Jill Stein. They’re saying Clinton did not convince them, and Stein is more in-line with their beliefs than Clinton. They’re encouraging other Bernie supporters to also give their vote to Stein. Others are giving Gary Johnson their vote. Still other Sanders supporters are choosing to vote for Donald Trump, to send a message to the DNC.

When Jane retweeted the video, which ends with a #BernieorBust hashtag, it started the speculation up all over again. Some people responded with tweets like the following. (Note: These replies show up as a response to Heath Byers’ tweet, which was the one Jane retweeted. Replies to Jane’s retweet will only appear as replies to the original tweet. If she had quoted the tweet instead of retweeting it, the tweets would have appeared as replies to her.)

What do you think? Was Jane sending a message about not voting for Clinton or was she just sharing that Clinton still needs to earn Sanders’ supporters votes?






Sanders supporters who vote Trump to “send a message” are complete ass hats who believe the world is breathlessly tracking their every move. It’s not Insta, millenial idiots! Nobody’s paying any attention to your sorry asses.

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