United Airlines Forcibly Removes Passenger From Flight: All the Memes You Need to See


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This is so retarded you freckin idiot. It’s not United’s fault for his behavior he wanted to trade drugs for sex. Now you make memes saying United is bad?! People are so stupid these days


I really hope China refuses them landing rights or something, but I guess not. Big bucks also talks in China, I guess. But they can harass the flight crew of every United flight, lock them up for “protection” or something. Who’s boss, China or United effing Airlines??? STRIKE BACK, CHINA!!!!


Dumb ass he is an American!!! A Chinese American. He is a citizen of this country and was completely violated. This has nothing to do with China. I’m a white woman and have felt disrespected by the airlines. They are out of control. Not only that… He’s a 69 year old! My mom is 74 and if anyone handled her like that I would be irate. This is unacceptable no matter what! Again nothing to do with China.


He’s Vietnamese. The Chinese hates the Vietnamese so much they probably cheered when they saw this.

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