Taylor Robertson ‘SpotMePlzzz’: A Tribute to the Madden Shooting Victim

Taylor Robertson 'SpotMe'

Twitter Taylor Robertson 'SpotMe'

Taylor Robertson, known as ‘Spotme’ or ‘SpotMePlzzz,’ has been identified by friends and the LA Times as one of the victims of a mass shooting at a Madden video game tournament. Three people died, including the gunman, and more than 10 were injured. He leaves behind a beloved wife, a son, and countless fans and friends who adored him.

He Was the 2017 Madden Classic Champion & Was Excited To Be Competing This Year

Just a few days before the tournament, Robertson shared that he was excited to be chasing a second belt.

The Madden NFL 19 Classic Satellite Qualifier where the mass shooting took place was the first in a series of Madden NFL qualifier events, EASports reported. The event was at the GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville. The top finishers would then be able to play in the Round of 16 at the Madden Classic  event in Las Vegas in October. Competitors who make it to the Live Finals would play for a share of the $165,000 prize pool.

On the day of the shooting, Robertson was set to play against Larry Shmurda.

Robertson was the 2017 Madden Classic Champion.

Heartbroken Friends Identified Robertson as One of the Shooting Victims

As of the time of publication, police have not yet identified Robertson as one of the shooting victims. But friends who were at the event were quick to identify him.

Rumors were circulating quickly about Robertson aka SpotMe, but friends hoped against hope that he would be OK. Sadly, he was one of the gunman’s two victims.

There was some confusion about whether Robertson was sitting next to TrueBoy in the livestream, but some players said that was a different person.

Fans and other players respected Robertson and said that he was a kind man and a great guy.

Robertson Was Married & a Proud Father Who Competed to Support His Family

Robertson was born on November 26, 1990 and is from Ballard, West Virginia, according to his profile. His Twitter profile mentions that he is married and is a father. He often proudly posted pictures of his son on Twitter.

People who know Robertson said that he competed in the games because he wanted to support his family.

Now friends and fans are asking for people to keep Robertson’s family in their prayers.

He Was a Pro Madden Player for Dot City Gaming & Was Known as One of the ‘Best Offensive Minds’

Robertson was a pro Madden player for Dot City Gaming. He was sponsored by Gamer Salooon.

You can read Robertson’s stats on EASports here. His bio reads: “Winner of last season’s Madden Classic, SpotmePlzzz has the skill to completely take over any Madden tournament. It’s been a while since he’s won an EA Major, but his potent offensive talent paired with his skill on defense makes him one of the toughest opponents in competitive Madden.” 

Robertson was so good that he was known as one of the “best offensive minds” among Madden professionals, Playbook reported.

The Suspect in the Shooting Was a Disgruntled Gamer Who Had Lost the Tournament Earlier in the Day

The suspect in the shooting, David Katz, had participated in the Madden tournament himself, Fox News reported. He had used the names Bread, mrslicedbread, ravenschamp, and ravens2012 champ in the Madden competitions. Witnesses said that he got mad because he lost, got his gun out of his car, and started shooting, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

A competitor in the game, Steven “Steveyj” Javaruski said the shooter was a player who lost, and then shot other people in the tournament including himself, the Los Angeles Times reported. Javaruski said he saw the suspect target specific people.

Javaruski later said on Twitter that Trueboy and SpotMe were both gone.

Others said that the shooter was particularly angry at Trueboy, although authorities have not yet confirmed this account.

Friends & Fans Have Shared Heartbreaking Posts on Social Media About Robertson

Since the news about Robertson was confirmed by friends, many have been sharing heartbroken posts talking about how much they admired Robertson and will miss him and TrueBoy, the other victim of the horrific attack.

A GoFundMe has been started for the families of the two victims:

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