WATCH: Arizona Police Forcibly Administer Blood Test to Antoya Wilson

Police in Mesa, Arizona forcibly administered a blood test to an African American woman named Antoya Wilson after they pulled her over and smelled marijuana in her car. You can see the test being administered here.

Police Wrestled Wilson to the Ground to Give Her a Blood Test

Antoya Wilson was pulled over earlier this week for driving without a headlight. During the stop, police said that her car smelled like marijuana, and said they wanted to administer a blood test. Wilson refused, and suggested a urine test instead. (Later she said that she was terrified of needles, which was her reason for suggesting the urine test instead of the blood test.)

Police brought her into the station and forcibly administered a blood test. You can see the test being forcibly administered in the video; be aware that the video may be upsetting.

As the video begins, a group of police officers is standing around Wilson. Three of them grab her and wrestle her down to the ground. “What the f***!” Wilson screams. “Are you serious?”

“You’ve had more than enough warning,” says a female officer.

One of the police who grabs Wilson has been identified as Sandor Binkley. Binkley won an award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving in October 2017 for “keeping the streets safe.”

Wilson continues to scream in what sounds like terror. The camera is pointed to the ground, so all you can see are police officers’ black shoes. Police can be heard saying, “she is resisting” and then, “We’ve got to turn her over.”

Wilson wails, “Please don’t do this to me. I quit. God forgive y’all.” She adds, sobbing, “I don’t like needles.”

Arizona Law Requires Drivers to Submit to a Blood, Breath or Urine Test If They’re Suspected of Intoxication

Arizona has an “implied consent” law which gives police the right to administer a blood, breath, or urine test if they have reason to believe that someone has been driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The law gives police the right to choose which type of test to administer — which means that if police want to give a blood test, they have the right to give a blood test.

Under the law, police must administer the test within two hours of when they first pull over the driver.

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Javier Cota

This is a manufactured story. Fake news. A nothing burger.

A real journalist doesn’t need to omit facts to get a story. A real professional journalist would include : the law requires compliance with court orders such as a search warrant for blood and also authorizes the police to obtain it by reasonable force, wether you like needles or not.

Suspects are given more than ample time to volunteer to comply with the Court order. Barring compliance, force must be applied to obtain the sample as time diminishes evidence of a crime (BAC level may drop from actual at the time of driving).

By omitting this, the “journalist” is contributing to the false narrative of injustice or abusive cops. These cops did nothing short of their jobs , which i am grateful for.

Stop feeding false narratives and take manufactured stories ! Put your skills to work on real injustices out there of which there are plenty and stop with this nonsense.

These false injustice stories fuel people wanting to hurt cops and erode the public trust we taxpayers pay so heavily to have our cops obtain. Both bad; worse because the cops were doing their jobs.

Tre Jones

Yeah, this story is so one-sided. I don’t like needles either, but you lose the right to not have your blood taken when you give cops reasonable suspicion to believe you’re driving under the influence. I’ve lost friends in horrible accidents due to DUI offenders. Who cares that you don’t like needles?


Let him take the blood test, postpone the trial for over a year, by then the lab will have thrown it out ! Demand your lawyer to test it.
But wait !
It’s been thrown out, along with your case. The lab can only keep blood samples for so long and because you have the right to defend yourself and if the blood sample is gone how do you know that the police took proper measurements that their test was not contaminated ? If all possible never take a breathalyzer, surrender your license, refuse to take a street sobriety test ; and demand a lawyer. You’re going to jail be smart don’t help the police convict you..


You’re a piece of garbage. Waste of human. You’ve lost your humanity, I hope one day your ignorant ass gets beat up by the police. then I bet you’ll have a different opinion. You clown.

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