Fans Mourn Famous Burt Reynolds Mustache After His Death

burt reynolds mustache

Getty Some fans are also mourning the famous Burt Reynolds mustache after his death.

Burt Reynolds has died at the age of 82. Fans have a lot of things to remember about Reynolds: His movies, his loves, his humorous quotes, and….his mustache.

Burt Reynolds

Gettycirca 1985: Film star Burt Reynolds as a sheriff.

Reynolds died after being rushed to a hospital, with his family around him, of cardiac arrest. The death was not expected, and fans took to social media to mourn the legendary star of such Hollywood hits as Boogie Nights and Smokey and the Bandit. Some just mourned the man. Others mourned the ‘stache.

Hate to break the news, though. Burt didn’t always have a mustache. It’s possible to find photos of Burt Reynolds without a mustache.

burt reynolds without mustache

21st September 1972: Film star Burt Reynolds in relaxed mood.

Of course, it’s easier to find pictures of Burt Reynolds with a mustache.

GettyBurt Reynolds attends the “Dog Years” Premiere.

Here are some of the best tweets:

Some Fans Insisted They Are Growing Mustaches in Homage to Burt

“Burt Reynolds died today at the age of 82. His mustache was 68,” wrote one Twitter user. “RIP Burt Reynolds’ mustache! You were one of the greats!” wrote another.

One man is taking this mustache mourning seriously. He wrote, “In honor of Burt Reynolds, I will be growing out my mustache until November and then donating it to charity.”

He wasn’t the only one: Other fans are growing mustaches in honor of Burt Reynolds after the star’s death.

Lots of people had the same idea.

“Taking shots at the bar for Burt Reynolds right now, tears streaming down my face. Can’t believe I shaved my mustache a couple days ago, am I to blame!?” lamented one man. “Pretty well known fact about me is my adoration for Burt Reynolds and his mustache. I was pretty upset to hear of his passing today. R.I.P #Bandit,” said another.

Some People Took Pains to Remind Us That Burt Reynolds Is Not Tom Selleck

No, Tom Selleck didn’t die. Burt Reynolds died. Although their iconic facial hair confuses a lot of people.

“I love Burt Reynolds. Especially his world renowned mustache. R. I. P.,” wrote a Twitter user. Some people referred to Burt Reynolds as a “mustache icon.”

Various people brought up Tom Selleck.

Others just mourned Reynolds and his mustache too.

This guy remembered two things about Reynolds: His centerfold. And his mustache. “I have two distinct memories of Burt Reynolds. Besides seeing ‘Bandit’ in Theatre *. The Cosmopolitan centerfold- My BFF’s mom had it under glass on her vanity. *The night he shaved half his mustache off on Carson. I laughed/giggled so hard I fell off the bed.”

Here’s another picture in case you’re missing it already:

“Cannonball Run was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Burt Reynolds was the King of Hollywood and probably one reason my dad wears a mustache to this day. #RIPBurt #RIPBurtReynolds,” explained one man.

“Burt Reynolds was Hollywood’s most majestic mustache. Basically the equivalent of a mustang running the midwestern plains wild and free. Rest In Peace, sir,” wrote another.

“I will miss that gorgeous mustache, his charm, and his smile RIP Burt Reynolds I will miss you terribly,” explained a fan. “To quote the radio report I heard today: ‘Burt Reynolds and his signature mustache star(r)ed in many popular movies….’ I love that the ‘stache got second billing,” said another.

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