Collin Daniel Richards: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Collin Daniel Richards is accused of the murder of Celia Barquin Arozamena at the Coldwater Golf Links in Ames, Iowa. Barquin Arozamena, 22, was found dead on the course on the morning of September 17. The victim had been a star golfing athlete at Iowa State University. Richards was arrested and charged by the Ames police later that day, authorities said in a statement.

Barquin Arozamena, a 2018 Big 12 champion, had been assaulted before her death, police said. Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen said in a statement, “We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of Celia Barquin Arozamena… dedicated civil engineering student… talented student-athlete and an acclaimed golfer with a bright future.” Wintersteen added that Barquin Arozamena’s death was a “terrible, tragic, senseless loss.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Richards Has a Meme as His Facebook Cover Photo that Says, ‘Let’s Commit a Murder’

Collin Daniel Richards Facebook page

Facebook/Collin Daniel Richards

Richards has as his Facebook cover image a meme about coffee that says, “Let’s Commit a Murder.” The man drinking the coffee then says that his drink is “too dark.” After adding milk, the coffee cup says, “Let’s contemplate murder.” The man says, “Perfect.” There is no biographical information that can be taken from the page. Story County Attorney Jessica Reynolds told the Des Moines Register that Richards is homeless and that the murder was “a random act of violence.”

KCCI’s Tommie Clark reports that after police discovered Barquin Arozamena’s body, they found a man walking nearby. That man told officers that he recently stayed in a temporary residence with Collin Daniel Richards. That man said that Richards made a statement to the effect of “having an urge to rape and kill a woman.” When police went to that residence and encountered Richards who had scratches that were “consistent with fighting and a deep laceration on his hand.” Richards said that he had gone to another man’s house on September 17. That man told police that Richards was covered in blood, sand and water. The man took him in and allowed Richards to bathe. Richards left with his clothes.

2. Barquin Arozamena Died After Being Stabbed in the Torso, Head & Neck

Collin Daniel Richards

Ames Police Department

Police said in a statement that officers were called to the golf course at 10:24 a.m. after golfers reported a suspicious bag on the course. Responding officers found Barquin Arozamena’s body “some distance away.” Barquin Arozamena’s body was found in the water at the golf course. The Des Moines Register reports that Barquin Arozamena died after suffering from “several stab wounds.” KCCI’s Tommie Clark reports that the victim had been stabbed in the torso, head and neck.

Police said on September 18 that no reports or 911 calls involved in the case would be released. Commander Huff asked the public to come forward with any information they might have about the killing. Prior to Richards’ arrest, Huff said, “The public should be very wary right now. Right now, all leads are important,” reports the Des Moines Register.

3. Richards Is Being Held Without Bond

Collin Daniel Richards mugshot

Central Iowa Police 2 Citizen

Online records show that Richards is being held without bond. Police said that Richards has been charged with murder in the first degree, a Class A felony. The statement adds that Richards has no known address. Jessica Reynolds told the Des Moines Register that she will be requesting a bond of $5 million, the request was granted by a judge in the case. Reynolds said that, “The state believes him to be a flight risk, also believes him to be a danger to the community.” A preliminary hearing for Richards is set for September 28.

4. Richards Was Last in Trouble With the Law in 2018 When He Was Arrested for Public Intoxication

Richards has a lengthy criminal history. In July 2018, We Are Iowa reports that Richards was arrested and charged with public intoxication. The station says that Richards was found passed out at Hy-Vee supermarket. The report adds that Richards’ chemical test gave him a blood alcohol level of 0.086 percent.

Going back to January 2015, Richards was accused of intimidation with a dangerous weapon. We Are Iowa reports that Richards was accused of trying to steal energy drinks from a gas station. After being stopped by employees, Richards allegedly told the workers that he would return and “shoot the place up.” In September 2017, Richards was arrested after he allegedly broke into his grandparents’ home after they had told him to leave. He was arrested for trespassing and cause more than $200 worth of damage. In that instance, Richards was turned into authorities by his father. A report from the time says that Richards told officers that he went into the home “to retrieve personal possessions as he was no longer welcome at the residence.”

5. Barquin Arozamena Was ‘One of the Top Golfers in Iowa State History’

The day after her tragic death, Barquin Arozamena’s photo was on the front-page of the Iowa State Daily, the student-run newspaper. The piece calls Barquin Arozamena, “An outstanding representative” and “One of the top golfers in Iowa State history.” The Iowa State University women’s golf coach, Christie Martens, called Barquin Arozamena a “beautiful person who was loved by all her teammates and friends. We will never forget her competitive drive to be the best and her passion for life.” According to her profile on Iowa State University’s website says that Barquin Arozamena was a native of Puente San Miguel, Spain. On her Facebook page, Barquin Arozamena says she joined Iowa State in 2014 after completing high school in Madrid.

The Des Moines Register reports that Barquin Arozamena is the Iowa State leader in terms of squad average. In May and June 2018, Barquin Arozamena competed in the Women’s U.S. Open Championship in Southern Hills in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A profile on Iowa State’s website quotes the director of athletics Jamie Pollard as saying, “Celia had an infectious smile, a bubbly personality and anyone fortunate enough to know her was blessed. Our Cyclone family mourns the tragic loss of Celia, a spectacular student-athlete and ISU ambassador.” Barquin Arozamena had not joined the LPGA and had maintained her amateur status.

Celia Barquín Arozamena Facebook page

Facebook/Celia Barquin Arozamena

On September 23, Barquin Arozamena will be honored prior to the start of Iowa State University’s football game Akron. In addition, the Iowa State University women’s golf team has withdrawn from East & West Match Play in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The team was scheduled to face the University of California Davis in the finals on September. 18. The statement concludes with the words, “The team has returned to Ames to be with friends and family to grieve the loss of their former teammate Celia Barquin Arozamena, who died yesterday.”

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