Florence Power Outage Updates for Dominion Energy Customers

Getty A family copes in the dark following a power outage as a result of a hurricane.

Dominion Energy covers parts of coastal northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia among other locations.

Here is the outage map for its Virginia customers.

Here is the outage map for its North Carolina customers.

Dominion Power serves 2.6 million in North Carolina and southern Virginia. As of 9:30 a.m. Saturday Sept. 15, Dominion says 1,000 of its customers have no power with Richmond and parts of northeastern coastal North Carolina most affected.

There are more than 820,000 power outages reported in North Carolina as of Saturday morning.

After a damaging storm, the big question is ‘When is my power coming back on?’

Dominion has been updating its website and sharing on social media the latest information about its plans for restoring power once it goes out. It’s estimated that between 1 and 4 million will lose power in the Carolinas and coastal Virginia as a result of Hurricane Florence.

For some, a power outage is an inconvenience, at best, and for others, life threatening at worst. People who require electrically-powered medical equipment for example would be particularity vulnerable.

And while living without electricity for a few days may be tolerable, for many, power will be out for weeks, federal officials say.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Office of Response and Recovery administrator Jeffrey Byard said without prevarication: “The storm is going to definitely knock out power for days into weeks.”

Florence UpdateDominion Energy's David Botkins on Hurricane Florence Preparedness2018-09-12T19:04:57.000Z

So, with widespread power outages as a result of Hurricane Florence anticipated, some lasting for weeks as has been reported, here’s what you need to know:

Dominion Energy is Mobilizing Now, But Power Could be Out for Weeks Not Days

Dominion Energy Virginia says “As we prepare for Hurricane Florence to make landfall, we are staffed up and ready to respond should the storm’s high winds and heavy rain impact our customers.”

Dominion says it has a “workforce of over 5,700 people is fully equipped and prepared to work around-the-clock to restore power to all customers as soon as weather conditions make it safe to do so.

Don’t Assume the Utility Knows You’re Without Electricity Because Unless You Tell Them, They Do Not Know

hurricane florence

From 2003, vehicles maneuver around down power lines after Hurricane Isabel passed through September 19, 2003 in Poquoson, Virginia.

The whole block is without power so the utility company knows that, right? Maybe not. Power companies find out there’s an outage when it’s reported. So when the lights go out, let Dominion know right away by going online and visiting the Dominion Energy outage reporting web page here or by calling 866-366-4357.

If you have lost power you should:
* Turn off major appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters and stoves.
* Unplug TVs, stereos, microwaves and computers to prevent damage during possible overloads.
* Leave a lamp or light on so you’ll know when power is restored.
* Stay away from any downed lines; always assume the lines are energized.
* Report downed lines by calling 866-366-4357.

Hurricane Florence may cause flooding in areas that have already experienced high rainfall this season. Ground saturation can increase the likelihood of fallen trees and downed wires. Stay at least 30 feet away, and call us at 1-866-DOM-HELP.

And Wilmington, North Carolina Police tweeted that with Florence still miles away, power is already out for many and authorities caution folks to steer clear of downed lines.

When’s My Power Coming Back On?

Once you’ve reported your outage, you can check the status here for North Carolina customers and here for Virginia customers using your phone number.

Outage maps include myriad data including the latest outage numbers, locations, damage assessment and other tools for customers.

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Be careful. Stay safe, Carolinians and Virginians. .