Julie Swetnick’s Tax Lien History in D.C. & Maryland

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Julie Swetnick is the third person to come forward with allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh. She has alleged that Kavanaugh and friend Michael Judge were present during gang rapes. Both Kavanaugh and Judge have denied the allegations. Now that she has come forward, people across the country are researching her background. One question that has repeatedly come forward is whether or not she has tax liens. The IRS did once put a tax lien on her, but it was later released. There is also a public record of a tax lien in Maryland. Read on for more details.

The federal tax lien report has been shared numerous times online. The report shows a lien for more than $40,000 from the IRS. The photo below is a screenshot of the lien report, which has been shared numerous times on social media sites. But if you look closely, the record actually says that the federal tax lien was released. As the IRS explains, a lien is not considered fully released until all the liabilities have been satisfied.


The Washington Post noted that this unpaid tax bill was assessed in 2016, based on taxes that weren’t paid by Swetnick in 2014. The lien was filed on her property by the IRS in 2017. But she satisfied the debt and it was released in March 2018.

There is one more tax debt that you might have heard about, and it is from the state of Maryland. You can see the record that Heavy accessed below.

Maryland Judiciary Search

According to this record from a search of Maryland’s judiciary records, the Comptroller of Maryland – Annapolis filed a recorded lien on October 2, 2015 for $62,821.03.  The Washington Post noted that this was an interstate lien against her property, and included more than $32,000 in 2008 unpaid taxes and $27,000 in interest. The debt was fully satisfied in December 2016. As The Washington Post noted, it’s not known if the debt was paid or if the bill was deemed an error or unwarranted. But Swetnick’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, told The Daily Mail that Swetnick had paid off her debts in full. “They have been fully paid and are irrelevant to her claims,” he said. “Why are you digging up dirt on and attacking a sexual abuse victim?”

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