Jared Chance: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jared Chance

Kent County Sheriff\'s Office Jared Chance, Michigan man charged after mutilated woman's body found at his home.

Jared Chance is a Grand Rapids, Michigan man arrested after a woman’s torso was found in his basement, The Detroit Free Press reports.

Police have not identified the remains found in the 29-year-old’s home. Chance was seen in photographs with Ashley Regina-Maria Young, who was reported missing according to WWMT.

Chance was charged with mutilation of a dead body and concealing the death of an individual while police investigate the death.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Foul Smell Led Police to Jared Chance’s Home

A neighbor contacted Grand Rapids police on Sunday to report a foul smell, The Detroit Free Press reported.

The neighbor discovered a tarp with blood coming out of it in the building’s basement and called 911.

“Officers arrived at the scene and were able to slightly open up the bag and see that inside of it was a human body,” Grand Rapids Police detective Erika Fannon said in court Tuesday.

Police obtained a search warrant and discovered that the upstairs apartment where Chance lived contained other body parts “that are suspected to have belonged to the torso located in the basement,” Fannon said in court.

Police located “several areas of blood” in the apartment and “It was learned through our investigation that (Chance) was with a female acquaintance two days prior and that that female acquaintance was since reported as a missing person and she has not to this date been located,” Fannon said.

2. Jared Chance’s Friend Was Reported Missing Two Days Earlier

“It was learned through our investigation that (Chance) was with a female acquaintance two days prior and that that female acquaintance was since reported as a missing person and she has not to this date been located,” Fannon said.

WWMT reported that the missing woman is Ashley Regina-Maria Young, who appeared in photographs with Chance.

“Because of the nature of this particular investigation, identity of the victim will take a little bit of extra time,” Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Daniel Adams said in court. “The remains we have at this point cannot be positively identified at this time.”

3. Jared Chance Charged With Mutilation

Grand Rapids man charged with dismembering womanJared Chance appears on a monitor during a video arraignment at the Kent County Courthouse in Grand Rapids on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018. Police say they found a dismembered female body in the Grand Rapids man's basement. The woman's body has not yet been identified and police, in a news release, said the remains "do…2018-12-05T19:38:03.000Z

Chance was charged with mutilation of a body and concealing an individual’s death as police continue to investigate the death.

Grand Rapids District Court Judge David Buter set Chance’s bond at $750,000, The Detroit Free Press reported.

4. Jared Chance Has an Extensive Criminal Record

Chance has a criminal record dating back to his teenage years, The Detroit Free Press reported. He was arrested as a teenager for shoplifting and possession of alcohol. He was later charged with multiple driving offenses, including a drunk driving arrest.

In 2016, he was arrested for possession of methadone and Oxycodone. He was placed on probation but violated it three times before it was revoked.

Because of his past convictions, Chance was charged as a fourth-offense felony offender, which could raise his maximum sentence to life in prison.

5. Family Friend Says Jared Chance Was ‘Angry and Violent’

Court docs: GR mutilation case leads to Holland searchCourt documents confirm a man accused of dismembering a body found at his Grand Rapids apartment was with a missing woman days before. (Dec. 6, 2018)2018-12-06T18:28:33.000Z

“I recall Jared being, like, a really wild person,” longtime family friend Jessica Thielbar told Fox 17. “Sometimes angry and violent, like he’s had fights with other students sometimes and he was a bully to the other people, like would pick on kids and stuff. Sometimes he’d be a decent person and then there’s days where’d he just didn’t seem like he had that great of an attitude I guess, so he wasn’t very nice.”

“My stomach instantly turned into knots,” she said. “I guess its more of, I can see him as a violent person, yes, but can I see him like murdering somebody or whatever he’s in jail being accused of and stuff? No I don’t think he was that type of person. So seeing something like that, just made me really ill.”

“It’s hard it really is. Especially because its like, ‘Oh, I used to sit next to this kid in the cafe or in class,’ or you know and there for a while – like I said – we were friends,” she added.

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