READ: Milo Yiannopoulos Is ‘Insolvent’ After Legal Fees & Lavish Wedding

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A series of newly released documents reveal that far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos is in some serious financial trouble. Yiannopoulos’s company, Milo Inc, is “insolvent,” according to a letter from Yiannopoulos’s lawyer. And Yiannopoulos himself is still on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees which he incurred while he was fighting a legal battle with his former publisher, Simon & Schuster, after they canceled publication of his memoir. You can read the documents detailing his debts here.

Yiannopoulos used to be a senior editor at Breitbart News; he is known for stirring up controversy around issues like homosexuality, Islam, and feminism. His book deal was canceled after a recording became public which seemed to reveal Yiannopoulos endorsing sex between men and young boys.

After an expensive and ultimately failed lawsuit with his publisher, Yiannopoulos has apparently found himself in massive debt. But the trove of documents reveals that not all of the debt is from legal fees —some of it is related to Yiannopoulos’s lavish lifestyle.

Yiannopoulos Spent More Than 50 Thousand Dollars on his Wedding in Hawaii

Back in 2017, Yiannopoulos married a man who has been identified only as “John.” The ceremony took place in Hualalai, Hawaii, and apparently it set Yiannopoulos back more than 50 thousand dollars.

The recently releases documents include a letter from Yiannopoulos’ creditors, who want to recoup the wedding expenses. The letter, sent by the law firm of Sullivan, Meheula, and Lee, says that Yiannopoulos incurred $52,016.64 in debt for his wedding at the Four Seasons resort in Hualalai.

Separately, Yiannopoulos owes just over $153,000 to the legal firm which represented him during the start of his fight with Simon & Schuster. The firm has made it clear that, even if Yiannopoulos’s company is “insolvent,” they still expect Yiannopoulos to pay his own debt. A letter from the firm reads,

“While I understand from Al that Milo, Inc is apparently insolvent, please remember that under the terms of the MSF engagement letter you agreed to be personally liable, jointly and severally with Milo Inc, for the payment of all MSF’s fees and disbursement’s.”

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