Gmail is Down Across the Globe

Getty Gmail is down across the globe

If you’ve been trying to send an e-mail from your Gmail account and are unable to, you’re not alone. One Tuesday night, people who use Google as their main e-mail server found themselves unable to send e-mails. And upon checking Twitter, it appeared to be an outage that was affecting users globally.

According to a message posted on G-Suite Status Dashboard at 7:53 p.m., there was notice of known “service disruption.”

“We’re investigating reports of an issue with Gmail,” the message read. “We will provide more information shortly. The affected users are able to access Gmail, but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behavior.” When trying to send an e-mail, instead of delivering the message, users receive the notice “Message could not be sent. Check your network and try again.”

After clicking “send” on an e-mail, some users are receiving this pop-up message: “Oops, something went wrong. Recent change might not have been saved.” The e-mail does not send, but it saved as a draft.

After checking the internet connection, however, it’s clearly not a network issue. It’s an internal outage affecting Gmail users everywhere. People are also experiencing issues with Google Drive and Google Maps.

As day proceeded into night, more and more people realized they were unable to send e-mails. By midnight ET, users in countries all around the world discovered themselves having non-working Gmail accounts.

So far, the United States, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia and 54 other countries have reported issues with Gmail.

Not being able to send an e-mail is causing major struggles for anyone who uses their account for work and pressing personal matters, and people are expressing their frustration on Twitter using #Gmaildown to connect with others on the issue.

Hopefully, Google will quickly solve this issue. But if there’s a project or deadline assignment you need to send right away, and Gmail is your only e-mail account, you’ll have a perfect excuse as to why you didn’t get it on time. Some may even look at this outage as a surprise break in the work day.

Google has not yet put out an official statement confirming the issue, or commented on how long the outage would last.

UPDATE: By Wednesday morning, all issues appeared to have been fixed.

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