Is Instagram Down? We Find Out If Insta Is Offline

Instagram outage map

Downdetector Screenshot of Instagram outage map

Facebook-owned social media network Instagram is experiencing difficulties in parts of the US, Europe and Asia.

While the social networks homepage remains online, many users report difficulties in logging into the service or using the app.

“Nothing is loading on my instagram feed. I tried restarting my phone. It didn’t help. I tried to delete then reinstall the app now I can’t login bc it’s not loading all my other apps work so I know it’s not my WiFi. The website doesn’t load either,” said Insta user Bethany Saxon.

Meanwhile another user, Layla added: “i cannot do anything on my instagram. send messages, like posts, even change my password! nothing is being refreshed or fixed please help. i’m scared i’m being hacked.”

Some Instagram users are shocked and believe that the outage may be linked to a hack.
Instagram user SkyAcroGaming said: “All my accounts were deleted off my phone and I can’t log in! It is so annoying and ridiculous! Also saying my passwords were changed so Instagram is being hacked by hackers that is hacking everyones accounts! x.x”

However, the reason for the outage is still unknown.

The website Down Detector showed a surge in complaints today with users in Europe, the US and Asia among the worst-hit.

It is thought that Instagram’s sister platforms, Facebook and Facebook Messenger may also be experiencing difficulties on Wednesday.

In a statement given to The Sun, a Facebook spokesperson said: “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps.

“We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

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