Olivia Jade Giannulli, Lori Loughlin’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Olivia Jade Giannulli

Getty Olivia Jade Giannulli attends The Women's Cancer Research Fund's An Unforgettable Evening Benefit Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on February 28, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.

In what seems like the elite university admissions scandal of the century, several public figures and actresses like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Hoffman have been booked for bribing admissions schemes to get their children into elite schools and athletic spaces.

Olivia Jade Giannulli, the daughter of the actress Lori Loughlin, is now caught up in the scandal because she’s one of the two daughters whose entrance into college Loughlin and her husband, designer Mossimo Giannulli, paid for, according to a federal indictment released Tuesday.

Olivia Jade Giannulli’s dad’s fashion brand, Mossimo, was sold at Target until 2017. But, who is Olivia Jade Giannulli?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Olivia Jade Giannulli is Lori Loughlin’s Oldest Daughter

Remember Aunt Becky on the ’90s sitcom, “Full House” That’s Lori Loughlin–and her real-life daughter is Olivia Jade Giannulli. Her husband, Olivia Jade’s father is the fashion designer, Mossimo Giannulli. The youngest of the family is Olivia’s sister, Isabella Rose Giannulli.

Both of her parents, Loughlin and Giannulli, have now been charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

Basically, Olivia’s father, Giannulli, “agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000,” in exchange for having the couple’s two daughters recruited to the University of Southern California, USC’s, crew team–except for one minor issue: they never actually participated in crew, a legal complaint said.

Email trails have gotten Loughlin and Giannulli in trouble, as documents purport to show Olivia’s father and a cooperating witness discussing a “game plan” for Olivia. The eldest Giannulli’s academics are, according to the arrest warrant, at the “low-end of USC’s admission standards.”

2. Olivia Jade Giannulli is an Established Beauty Influencer

On Giannulli’s Instagram page, there’s no mistaking she enjoys fashion and has a large following. Her current follower count is at 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Giannulli’s proven pretty savvy, business-wise, as she helps companies sell their products to her followers. Her ads transparently display that she is collaborating with various companies and that her post has been paid for by a company. In the post above, for example, she is advertising Sephora.

“the olivia jade x sephora collection palette is officially being RESTOCKED tomorrow (1/18) at 12pm EST!!!” Gianniulli posts above. “sooo excited for you to get your hands on these highlighters if you missed it the first time around… they are unreal. link in my bio to purchase #ad #sephoracollection.”


Bearing a striking resemblance to her mom, she posts above: “the olivia jade x sephora collection palette has officially launched! sooo excited for you to get your hands on these highlighters… they are unreal. link in my bio to purchase + new video up ft. the launch party and meet up <3 #ad #sephoracollection #beautyuncomplicated.”

3. Olivia Jade Giannulli Once Had to Apologize to Her YouTube Fans for Telling Them She Doesn’t Really Care About School

Giannulli has a wildly popular YouTube page as she does Instagram. When asked by YouTube fans how she planned on balancing her social media career while taking classes at the University of Southern California, where she is a freshman, she blew off school.

“I don’t know how much of school I’m gonna attend but I’m gonna go in and talk to my deans and everyone, and hope that I can try and balance it all,” she said in the YouTube video. “But I do want the experience of like game days, partying… I don’t really care about school, as you guys all know.”

Fans pounced on her response and called her ungrateful.

“I honestly found it very disappointing when you said you care more about parties and tailgates rather than your education. If you hate school so much why go to college?” one commenter said. “And it’s honestly insulting when tons of people can’t even afford to go to college but want to.”

Giannulli was forced after such comments to make another video apologizing:

“I said something super ignorant and stupid, basically,” Giannulli stated in the video above. “And it totally came across that I’m ungrateful for college — I’m going to a really nice school.”

4. Olivia Jade Giannulli Declared YouTube as Her Career of Choice, Actually–Not School

Olivia Giannulli

GettyIsabella Giannulli, Lori Loughlin and Olivia Giannulli attend the Teen Choice Awards 2017 at Galen Center on August 13, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

In the above video, Giannulli made it clear that she wasn’t ungrateful for school, but she also said something even more interesting. She said that she had a clear choice of where she did, in fact, want to be: and that’s on YouTube.

“[My earlier video] just kind of made it seem like I don’t care,” Giannulli said to fans about the above video. “I just want to brush it off. I’m just gonna be successful at YouTube and not have to worry about school,” she said in the video. “I’m really disappointed in myself.”

5. Olivia Jade Giannulli Just Started at the University of Southern California This Past Fall

View this post on Instagram

the kids moved me into my first day of college

A post shared by OLIVIA JADE (@oliviajade) on Aug 16, 2018 at 9:20am PDT

USC’s classes appeared to have started on Aug. 20, and Giannulli did move into her dorm and show some interest in classes, before her Instagram posts turned to vacationing in Fiji, just a few days later.

“The kids moved me into my first day of college,” she posted above. The date on that post was Aug. 16, 2018.

By Aug. 22, 2018–six days later, she listed her location as Fiji:

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A post shared by OLIVIA JADE (@oliviajade) on Aug 21, 2018 at 6:03pm PDT


On Aug. 25, she was still catching the Fiji sunrise:


Here, she reminds her audience again that she’s been in Fiji:

“We went to Fiji last week… just incase you didn’t know,” Giannulli tweeted on Sep. 2, 2018.

Giannulli had already made it clear that social media was where her heart belonged–not USC. The scandal continues.

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