Jose Vega Meza: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jose Vega Meza: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Buckeye Police Department Jose Vega Meza

An Arizona man has been arrested and is accused of brutally murdering and beheading a dog. According to KNXV, Jose Vega Meza stole a woman’s dog as she was trying to move out of her home.

21-year-old Vega Meza then allegedly slaughtered the woman’s dog. The dog-owner lost track of her dog for a few hours as she was moving out, according to a statement made by Buckeye, Arizona Police. She then opened a box which Vega Meza put onto the moving truck and discovered the headless body of her dog.

Vega Meza was arrested and booked on two counts of animal cruelty and one count of misdemeanor assault.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Victim and Meza Lived at the Same Address

The victim, who remains unnamed, lived at the 500 block West Baseline Road in Buckeye, Arizona. This is the same address where Vega Meza lived.

She was moving out when she lost track of her dog. She was still unable to locate her dog at 10 PM, according to a statement released from the police.

As she was moving out, friends of the victim saw Vega Meza load a small box onto the truck. According to the Buckeye Police Department’s press release, the box contained the mutilated body of the previously lost dog.

2. Vega Meza Just Smile When the Victim Asked Him What Was in the Box

Once the victim asked what was in the box Vega Meza loaded onto the truck, he just smiled and said nothing, police said.

The woman proceeded to open the box to discover her “dead, mutilated, headless dog inside,” according to police.

The woman was so distraught that she didn’t call the police to let them know what happened until a day after the incident took place.

3. Police Initially Could Not Find Vega Meza

With the incident taking place on Saturday and the victim so distraught that she did not call the police until Sunday, Vega Meza had some time to get away.

A patrol officer noticed Vega Meza walking outside a neighborhood the officer was in.

“Late Sunday afternoon, a patrol officer noticed Vega Meza walking in the Valencia Neighborhood in Buckeye. The officer took Vega Meza into custody and arrested him for the animal cruelty,” a statement from Buckeye police said.

Vega Meza was later booked into Maricopa County 4th Avenue Jail on three counts related to animal cruelty.

4. Vega Meza Knew His Involvement and Admitted His Wrong Doing during His Arrest

When Vega Meza was being arrested he told police he knew what he did was wrong and admitted to the crime, according to police.

“I know what I did wasn’t right,” Vega Meza told the police, according to the Arizona Republic.

The Arizona Republic reports, that Vega Meza told the police that he has killed other animals out of anger. Vega Meza reportedly gave details on how he killed the dog as well as some other instances of when he killed animals he found around the neighborhood, laughing during parts of his description.

Vega Meza’s mother owned the building the victim lived in, Buckeye police spokesperson Donna Rossi told the Arizona Republic.

Vega Meza told police he killed the dog because the victim owed his mother rent money. He refused to tell police what he did with the dog’s head.

It is unclear what kind of dog it was.

5. Vega Meza Attacked a Man When He Got to Jail

In an unrelated incident, Vega Meza was charged with misdemeanor assault, as well as the animal cruelty charges, after he attacked another inmate while he was still in handcuffs once he arrived in jail.

According to the Arizona Republic, Vega Meza used his handcuffs to attack another inmate. The attack was unprovoked and it left the victim with a gash behind his right ear, according to police.



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