Kalin Sunde Streamed Waukesha Standoff on Facebook Live

Kalin Sunde

Facebook Kalin Sunde streamed on Facebook Live during the standoff.

A Milwaukee-area woman named Kalin Sunde streamed parts of the standoff that shut down Interstate 94 in Waukesha County, Wisconsin live on Facebook from inside the suspect minivan. The minivan was surrounded by law enforcement while she streamed the videos, Heavy has learned.

In the Facebook Live videos, which you can watch throughout this article (be forewarned that they’re disturbing), you can see a gun inside the minivan, and the woman makes comments about the male suspect threatening to shoot her. At one point, the male suspect talks to what sounds like a police negotiator and asks for “15 more minutes.”

Video screenshot provided by Bob Renk.

The standoff ignited when sheriff’s deputies pursued a stolen gray minivan and then surrounded it for hours on the busy freeway that links Milwaukee with Madison, Wisconsin. Sheriff’s officials said June 4 that it all ended with two officer-involved shootings and haven’t released Kalin Sunde’s or the man’s name (Sunde’s attorney confirmed it was her, though, to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which also identified the man with Sunde as Nathan Halfmann, 37, of Fond du Lac.) Sheriff Eric Severson said the woman involved “stabbed a Waukesha K-9, Justice.”

The dog is alive but needed treatment and will be able to return to duty (you can see more photos of Justice here.) Severson said the woman is in stable condition after she struggled with law enforcement. The man is in critical condition after being shot by law enforcement, and both are in custody.

Kalin Sunde

Kalin Sunde

Bob Renk, who said he went to grade school with Kalin Sunde, 31, and who is a car detailer in the southeastern Wisconsin area, provided Heavy with the videos that he said she streamed live on Facebook from inside the minivan. He also provided Heavy with a screenshot he said was from the Facebook Live stream inside the minivan, and which you can see above. It shows a weapon. Here’s one of the videos:

Renk confirmed that he watched as Sunde streamed live on Facebook during the standoff at Highway 67. “I was at the Delafield Hardee’s Car show… noticed police, swat, vehicles Going by on 94….I got home after car show around 830. Kalin was LIVE on fb,” he told Heavy in an interview. “This all shocked me. Then I went on her profile and some one posted on her wall and then I knew it was her for sure.” Her page with name is also visible in the videos and shocked comment writers referred to her as Kalin in the video. “OMFG, those ARE gunshots! Apparently it ended with two officer involved shootings… Oh man…. Kalin Sunde, I hope you’re alright…” one woman wrote, tagging Sunde’s Facebook page.

Law enforcement sent an alert to all cell phones in the area on June 4, 2019, advising motorists to avoid I-94 and Highway 67, which is by a major medical center, because of a law enforcement situation. The interstate is a major artery in southeastern Wisconsin and was closed for miles and hours as a result of the standoff as officers surrounded the minivan.

It turned out that the situation was an armed man in a minivan who wouldn’t come out. Inside, a woman who said he was threatening her with a gun – Kalin Sunde. (Sheriff’s officials ask anyone with information to call 414-227-2100.) “This was a very complex tactical situation,” Severson said. “I certainly empathize with the community as to how disruptive this was. Please know that we do not shut down I-94 on a whim.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. In the Live Stream, Sunde Said the Suspect Was Threatening to ‘Blow My Brains Out’

Renk saved videos that appear to show Kalin Sunde live streaming from inside the minivan during the standoff. The videos clearly show the name Kalin Sunde on the Facebook page, and comment writers on the live videos refer to her as Kalin. Renk wrote on Facebook, “The girls Fb She Was Going LIVE ALL THIS TIME . but hasn’t gone live in hour.”

In one video, Kalin says, “He has a gun. Going to blow my brains out.”

Concerned people who were watching the videos live wrote things on her comment thread like: “Please get out of there Kalin” and “Where is the baby” and “U r heavily cover by police.”

“They are going to come in here and Nate’s going to start. You know what he said that he’d never go back to jail….and he would have a shootout or something,” she said in one video, appearing to be talking on the phone. At one point, she said, “My phone on Facebook is frozen.”

The man in the car with her said, at one point: “I’m going to f-cking shoot her in the face if you come close. I need to call my f-cking mom.” In one video, Kalin said, “He has a gun. He’s going to blow my brains out.” In one of the videos you can hear a woman who sounds like a police negotiator.

A friend implored in a comment, “Please let her go.” The man says, “Give me 15 minutes and I will surrender on my word” and “I need to talk to some people, say goodbye, that I’m going to prison.” He repeatedly asked for 15 minutes.

Another friend wrote on the comment thread, “Kalin are u ok, wtf is going on here.”

“People won’t give me 15 minutes…do you want someone’s life on your hands. Someone’s going to die. 15 f-cking minutes … for someone’s life,” the man said in the video. Then to someone on the phone: “No, I did not call them yet, but I need 15 minutes to call my parents. Someone’s life is worth 15 minutes to you. What do you have plans tonight or something?”

Kalin says in the video, “I know he’ll work with you guys.” But a person who sounded like a police negotiator asked, “What’s going to happen in 14 minutes?” Kalin responded, “Give him 14 minutes to make phone calls. He’ll let me out.”

A citizen video, which you can watch below, also captured part of the incident.

The gray minivan is seen driving down the freeway being tailed by police cars with their lights flashing. Be forewarned that the language is a bit graphic in the video.

“This just happened in ocon. Cops shot at the person in the chase,” wrote the man who first shared the video on his Facebook page, Scott Krueger.

2. The Sheriff Says the Woman in the Standoff Ran on the Freeway & Then Stabbed the K-9

Kalin Sunde

Kalin Sunde

A journalist captured the sound of loud bangs on video, saying that he heard loud noises, police on a loudspeaker demanding that the driver come out, yelling and a “K-9 officer on the ground.”

Sheriff Severson said the incident started at 4:21 p.m when the Department of Natural Resources asked for help from his agency because the DNR was pursuing the vehicle, which was identified as a stolen vehicle from the town of Eagle.

In an attempt to stop the minivan, officials deployed tire deflation devices. A deputy observed the suspect in the vehicle point a firearm out the window, and a deputy fired, Severson said.

That’s when the vehicle stopped on the freeway. He said the “suspects refused to comply and demanded to speak to a negotiator” and added that the male suspect was “barricaded in the vehicle and alleged he was holding the female hostage.”

Five hours of negotiation ensued and eventually tactical gas was “deployed into the vehicle.” At that point, the man fled with the female at gunpoint so two tactical officers struck the man multiple times, Severson said.

“The female ran on I-94 and wouldn’t comply with officers’ orders,” the sheriff alleged. She was taken into custody with a struggle, and she allegedly stabbed the dog at that time, he said. The K-9 was treated and released from the hospital. No one has been charged.

Deputy Inspector Patrick Esser said the night before that there were two different officer-involved shootings connected to the incident. However, in a late evening press conference, he did not provide further details. He said the state Department of Criminal Investigation will investigate what unfolded. He indicated there was one officer-involved shooting and then “a second subsequent one.”

He said there was no longer a risk to the community, adding, “Based on state statute we are requesting that the Department of Criminal Investigation from the state conduct an investigation into the shooting.” The Interstate and Highway 67 were closed for hours. He called it a “fluid scene.”

When pressed on how the shootings unfolded, he said there were “two investigations.” He wouldn’t confirm the timeline.

Law enforcement dispatch audio reports on Broadcastify gave the following account, unconfirmed by police (be aware that early scanner reports can be wrong in fast-moving situations):






3. Sunde Is a Mother Who Is From the Milwaukee Area

Kalin Sunde

Kalin Sunde

In 2016, Sunde posted a picture on Facebook of herself with a baby and wrote, “yep since im single now had to get rid of pic with babydaddy ya know. as my profile pic..”

That same year, she posted a family photo with a man and baby and wrote, “it’s a nice family photo. you should see how nice the other ones turned out.”

She also wrote on Facebook that she studied at MATC.

In 2015, a notice ran in the newspaper that referred to “any unknown fathers” of Sunde’s child, who was born in Milwaukee in 2013. There was a hearing on a petition for termination of parental rights.

According to online records, Kalin O. Sunde is 31. She has lived in Jefferson and Milwaukee, among other places.

4. Sunde Was Due in Court the Following Day on an Open Felony Case

Kalin Sunde

FacebookKalin Sunde

Kalin Sunde has an open felony case for possession of narcotic drugs in Milwaukee. She gave a Milwaukee address. In fact, she was due to appear in court the day after the standoff – June 5, 2019 – on a deferred prosecution hearing.

“Defendant Kalin O Sunde in court with attorney Benjamin T Van Severen. Kyle Edward Johnson appeared for the State of Wisconsin. Status conference held off the record per court approval. Defense requests additional time for DPA hearing. No objection from State. Deferred prosecution agreement hearing scheduled for June 5, 2019 at 08:30 am,” the court record events says.

On June 5, the day after the standoff, that hearing was put off until later in June. “Case is called on the record. Defense counsel makes record re: non appearance of defendant. Parties are requesting adjournment. On motion of the state, Court orders bench warrant but STAYS issuance to next date. Deferred prosecution agreement hearing scheduled for June 20, 2019 at 08:30 am.”

There was a motion in that case to “suppress illegal stop and arrest.” The drug case was filed in November 2017.

5. Sunde Has a Lengthy History on the Circuit Court Website

kalin sunde

Kalin Sunde

The state of Wisconsin filed a paternity case petition against Sunde and a man. There is also a small claims judgment against Sunde, who was then using an illinois address, for more than $3,000.

“Per Court Commissioner: Plaintiff is authorized to immediately sell at private sale the following horses, horse trailer and related equipment upon which plaintiff has a lien: Palomino Horse Red Roan Horse Pressure Washer Horse Trailer Miscellaneous Tack After the sale of the above property, the plaintiff shall report to the Court with a copy mailed to the defendant of the amount received at the sale,” the court record events read.

A bail jumping case in 2015 was dismissed and read in to another case. There was a judgment of eviction for more than $12,000. She was nabbed for operating without a driver’s license.

There was an acknowledgement of paternity case in 2010 against Sunde and a second man which was also filed by the state. In 2013, in the court record events, it notes, “Ms. Sunde states she is self employed, has car issues, and lives approx 2 hours away.”

In 2009, she was convicted of disorderly conduct. In 2009, an injunction was filed against Sunde. “Ms. Sunde has a young infant with her who is crying; the Court cannot proceed with the hearing with the infant crying because the Court and the parties cannot hear,” the court notations read. “Ms. Sunde indicates that she does not have anyone here to leave the child with. The Court indicates that the infant cannot stay in the courtroom, and that the Court will be defaulting Ms. Sunde for not appearing at today’s hearing.”

In 2006, she was found guilty of resisting an officer. A retail theft charge was dismissed but read in. She was living in Fort Atkinson at the time and ordered to have no contact with Kohl’s Department store in Janesville, Wisconsin.

She successfully sought an injunction with firearm restriction against a man. The man was ordered not to be “present at the Fort MATC campus within 15 minutes of any class of Ms. Sunde,” online court records show.

This article is being updated as more is learned on the standoff from police.