Cristina Greeven, Chris Cuomo’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts

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Getty Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Chris Cuomo on November 9, 2011.

Cristina Greeven Cuomo has been married to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo since 2001. They have three children together.

Greeven is a New York City native and spent much of her childhood on Long Island. Like her husband, Greeven also works in the media. She is an editor and runs her own lifestyle magazine called the Purist.

On March 31, Cuomo announced that he had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. He shared on Twitter that he was self-quarantined in the basement of his family’s home and that he would continue to do his shows from there. Cuomo added, “I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids and Cristina… we will all beat this by being smart and tough and united.”

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Every day is a gift. ♥️ Many have asked how Chris is doing and what meds he’s taking. Here’s an update: After one week of up and down symptoms—chills, body aches, total exhaustion, sleeplessness, and a fever that hit 103, he is on day 11 today, (day 1 being first day of allergy-like symptoms)—he seems slightly better, but still feels the incredible lethargy, with fever down to 99 for past 3 days. His Oxygen levels (tested daily on a finger Oximeter) were normal all week. He has maintained his sense of taste and smell, but not his usual hearty Italian appetite. His lungs were x-rayed yesterday and they were mostly clear. ? Thank you for amazing homemade goodies from friends and the outpouring of love + humor so many of you have provided. They are the oxygen for these biblical times. ? …. CHRIS’ CORONA PROTOCOL—WEEK ONE, began March 30th when positive test came back: …. ? FOR MEDICINE: I enlisted @drlindalancaster @lightharmonics , an Energy Medicine physician, who helped me cure my aggressive Lyme Disease last summer and who treated my mother for breast cancer 20 years ago. Her training is in Ayurveda, medical radiesthesia, radionics, energy healing, nutrition, herbal medicine and detoxification methods. Since this particular virus has no proven remedy, as Lyme does not, she assigned oxygenated herbs, natural remedies and homeopathics to boost Chris' immune system for the battle ahead. …. ? FOR FOOD: The food plan I outlined was meant to cleanse his liver with whole, vital, organic foods so it can manage the viral die-off and provide him with much-needed energy, nutrients, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties, like basic chicken soup, and foods low in immune-busting chemicals like pesticides. …. ? FOR BREATHE + MOVEMENT: 30 minutes daily sunshine helps Vitamin D level. He has also been sitting in the @sunlightensaunas daily, which makes him feel better + has helped with his fever. He has been doing breathing (resonance) exercises everyday for his lungs (video in link), as well as walking around the yard ? so he can get fluid flowing out of lungs. ? For all the info on CHRIS’ DAILY ANTI VIRALS + MY DIARY OF FOOD—WEEK ONE, see link in bio. #rebirth

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Greeven posted about her husband’s health regiment on Instagram on April 6. Greeven explained she was providing Cuomo with organic foods and that Cuomo practiced breathing exercises on a daily basis. Greeven added, “Thank you for amazing homemade goodies from friends and the outpouring of love + humor so many of you have provided. They are the oxygen for these biblical times.”

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Cristina Greeven Cuomo Has Been Sharing Healthy Cooking & Exercise Ideas On the ‘Purist’ Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

Cristina Greeven Cuomo operates her business from home, her husband shared with the New York Times during a January 2018 profile. Greeven is the founder and editor of Purist, which made its debut in 2017. The magazine has both print and online editions. The focus of the magazine is on physical and emotional wellness.

Greeven wrote in the “About” section of the website that she “became a student of nutrition and the mysteries of medicine” after becoming a mother. “Wellness is no longer an indulgence, it’s a necessity. The time is right for a good cleanse. I’m not just talking about a juice cleanse, I’m talking about mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, physically too. Our entire environment has become so toxic–from politics to pollution–people are looking for inspiration in their good health and good lives. It’s time to arm oneself against the cacophony coming from disparate places.”

As families stay inside amid the coronavirus outbreak, Greeven has been using her site to share tips on eating healthy and working out at home. One section of the site is titled “Quarantine Cuisine.” The first recipe was a veggie taco dish that she shared alongside Chef Adam Kenworthy.

On March 27, Greeven wrote on Instagram about the importance of maintaining a workout regimen and how it impacts mental health as well. She wrote in part, “Stay Fit At Home: Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system. And when your heart and lung health are strong ? , you have more energy to handle the host of chores that comes with this new normal at home. Last week, I was struggling to make time for movement as I slumped at my desk all day re-focusing my wellness business. So, this week, I forced myself to commit to an early morning daily practice to keep serotonin and endorphins (feel good hormones) balancing out cortisol (stress) which are heightened at any sign of a creeping virus.”

2. Cristina Greeven Cuomo Previously Worked as Editor-in-Chief For Magazines Owned by Modern Luxury

GettyCristina Greeven Cuomo on November 12, 2015, in New York City.

Cristina Greeven Cuomo has had a long career in print media. She previously served as the editor-in-chief of the magazines Manhattan and Beach. Both were published by the company Modern Luxury. As reported by the New York Post, Greeven was let go in November 2016 when the company downsized and the majority of the magazines’ employees lost their jobs.

Greeven’s professional background also includes working as the creative content chief at a company called the Plum Network, according to her LinkedIn profile. She also served as the editorial director of Gotham and Hamptons magazines at Niche Media Holdings, LLC, according to an executive profile on Bloomberg.

3. Cristina Greeven Was Late to Their Wedding & Chris Cuomo’s Father Joked She Wouldn’t Show Up

chris and cristina cuomo

GettyChris Cuomo and his wife Cristina Greeven Cuomo on July 26, 2003, in East Hampton, New York.

Cristina Greeven and Chris Cuomo tied the knot on November 24, 2001. The Catholic ceremony took place at the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church in Southampton, Long Island. The bride wore a dress by Oscar de la Renta.

Greeven was about a half-hour late to the ceremony, according to the New York Daily News. Her now-father-in-law, former Governor Mario Cuomo, joked to reporters outside the church, “If she doesn’t show up, you’ll really have a great story.”

But all kidding aside, the former governor also gushed to the newspaper about the couple. “If this match between Chris and Cristina is not made in heaven, it’s certainly made in the vicinity near heaven.”

4. Cristina & Chris Cuomo Have Three Children

Chris and Cristina Cuomo

GettyCristina Cuomo and Chris Cuomo on February 6, 2013, in New York City.

Cristina Greeven and Chris Cuomo have three children: Bella, Mario and Caroline. Younger daughter Carolina is a gymnast. Greeven posted about her daughter winning first place on floor and third place overall at a meet in January 2020 in Manhattan. Greeven referred to Carolina by her nickname, Cha Cha.

Their son, Mario, has a black belt in karate. As for Bella, she enjoys acting. Greeven has posted on Instagram about her older daughter participating in musicals including Chicago and Mary Poppins.

Greeven explained in a 2014 New York Times profile that she and her husband preferred to take their children out to their home on Long Island on the weekends. She told the newspaper, “I like the kids to be out in nature and New York City isn’t exactly the place you can let your kids run wild.”

The couple put their Southampton, Long Island, home up for sale in February 2019. According to the Observer, the Cuomos bought the house in 2005 for $1.3 million. They found a buyer after a few weeks on the market and sold the house for the asking price of $2.9 million.

5. Cristina Greeven Grew Up in New York City & Attended Cornell

Cristina Greeven grew up in New York City and Southampton, Long Island, according to her bio on the Purist website. According to her Facebook page, Greeven attended the Chapin School, an all-girls school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She went on to Cornell University.

Greeven likes to share pictures of her parents, Regina and Rainer, to social media. Her parents got married in 1964. In a February 2018 post, Greeven posted a painted image of her parents with the caption, “Someone once wrote there is no love like a parent’s for their child, but there is also no love like a child’s for a parent, our teachers of unconditional love ❤️.”

Greeven also has a sister named Andrea.

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