Ashley Auzenne: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ashley auzenne

Facebook Ashley Auzenne with one of her children.

Ashley Auzenne was a Texas mother going through a difficult divorce who police believe shot her three children to death before taking her own life. On Facebook, she filled her page with pictures of her children from happier times.

The triple-murder suicide occurred in the family’s Deer Park, Texas home. Authorities have identified the victims as Ashley Auzenne, 39; Parrish, 11; Eleanor, 9; and Lincoln, 7. The deaths were discovered on Tuesday morning, October 29, 2019.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Bodies Were Found After a Family Member Asked for a Welfare Check

ashley auzenne

Ashley Auzenne with her husband and one of their children.

The bodies of the mother and three children were discovered inside the family’s home in the 1400 block of New Orleans Street. Two of the kids attended Deer Park Elementary School.

The coroner ruled the deaths a triple murder suicide with the mother as the likely perpetrator, according to ABC13.

The bodies were found on a floor in the home after a relative asked police to do a welfare check; a gun was also found at the scene, the television station reported.

Ashley’s divorce from the children’s father was finalized only the week before.

2. The Children’s Father Says Ashley Was Distressed by the Divorce

Murvin Auzenne Jr., the father of the children and Ashley’s ex husband, told The Houston Chronicle that his wife was “upset with the result” of divorce proceedings.

In particular, he said, she was upset she would have to get a job and pay rent to stay in the family home and couldn’t move to her hometown. The father told the newspaper that he was devastated by the deaths.

Of Ashley, he said, “Ashley tried her best to be a good mother,” he said. “She and I had our issues, we argued and fought just like any other couple headed for divorce, but I never had any reason to believe she was capable of this. Nobody did.”

3. Murvin Auzenne Jr. Works as an Instrument Technician

murvin auzenne jr.

Murvin Auzenne Jr. with one of his children.

According to his Facebook page, Murvin Auzenne Jr. works as an “Instrument Technician at ExxonMobil Refinery/Chem Plant” and “Marine Science Technician at United States Coast Guard.” In 2018, Ashley wrote on Facebook, “5th wedding anniversary, fellow military wives helped me finally feel and look like a bride and have a real wedding.”

Murvin wrote that he also “Worked at USMC,” went to Spring Woods High School, and lives in Deer Park, Texas. His cover photo is a throwback old-school photo picture of the three children. He filled his Facebook page with pictures of his children and family.

A 2009 photo showed Ashley pregnant on a beach with Murvin and one of their children. “Momma, Daddy, Big Bro and, Lil Sis,” read the caption on the 2009 photo.

4. The Children’s Grandfather Called the Slain Children ‘Amazing Children in All Kinds of Fantastic Ways’
ashley auzenne

FacebookAshley Auzenne

Murvin Auzenne, Sr., the children’s paternal grandfather, has talked about their deaths to ABC 13.

“They were kids you wanted to have around, they really were,” said Murvin Auzenne Sr. “They played well, they talked to the adults. They’re amazing children in all kinds of fantastic ways.”

“It really makes me mad, to be honest,” said Deer Park Elementary parent Chris Pierce to ABC13. “It’s just amazing how it affects everybody whether they go to school with them or not.” He described the children as “smart and loving” to the TV station.

5. Ashley Auzenne Filled Her Facebook Page With Photos of Her children

ashley auzenne

The three children killed by Ashley Auzenne.

Ashley’s cover photo on Facebook shows her three children sitting by a lake. “Love this pic! They are getting so big!” a friend wrote on the comment thread.

One photo shows her wearing a shirt that talks about strong women. In 2017, she shared a graphic that read, “I won’t stop fighting for my life.” She wrote about medical issues, though, writing, “Based on just this graphic alone, and not even the *and many more* I would lose coverage for my depression, anxiety, arthritis, LUPUS and sleep apnea.”

ashley auzenne

Ashley Auzenne

Other photos show her swimming with her children. In 2017, she shared a picture of herself holding an infant, writing, “Parrish, the night before his 1st open heart surgery. They finally let me hold him ?.”

In 2018, she wrote, “Eleanor went out tonight for Gifted and Talented’s ‘Girls Night Out- Science!’ Awesome stuff they have for kids today ?” She sometimes wrote about politics. For example, she wrote, “Look it up. Trump says on camera it’s in the works. To bypass the Constitution and change it with an Executive Order that he hands out like tic tacs. Remember, being silent, being safe and cozy because it doesnt ‘affect you’ is a luxury.”

She also shared posts about a mass shooting in a synagogue.

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