Frank Sheeran’s Daughters Today: Where Are They Now?

Frank sheerans daughters where now

Dolores Sheeran Miller Facebook Pictured above, on left: Dolores and Connie Sheeran as children. On right: Dolores Sheeran Miller, 55.

Frank Sheeran’s daughters are Peggy Sheeran, MaryAnne Francis Cahill, Dolores Sheeran Miller, and Connie Sheeran Griffin. As of 2018, Peggy, Dolores, and Connie are still alive. Little is known of Peggy, who stopped talking to her father in 1975 and hasn’t spoken out about him since.

MaryAnne, Dolores, and Peggy were the product of Sheeran’s first marriage with Irish immigrant Mary Leddy. He would go on to divorce Mary in the sixties and marry his second wife, Irene. He and Irene had a single daughter named Connie.

In I Heard You Paint Houses: Frank ‘the Irishman’ Sheeran & Closing the Case on Jimmy Hoffa, Frank said of his wife, Mary Leddy, and daughters,

Mary did the raising of the girls. All my daughters never gave me a headache on their behavior. Not due to my care. Due to their mother’s attention and the way she raised them…I feel very bad about it now. I wasn’t an abusive father, but I started getting a little neglectful, and Mary was too good a woman, too easy on me. Then at some point, I just joined that other culture and I stopped coming home…I was a selfish bastard. I thought I was doing good by giving money, but I didn’t give the kids enough family time.

Here’s what you need to know about where all of Frank Sheeran’s daughters are today, in 2019:

Dolores Miller, 55, Is a Former Medical Secretary & Realtor

Dolores Sheeran Miller, 55, is a former medical secretary and a realtor, according to her Facebook. She’s married to Michael Miller. Miller suffered a stroke in 2016; she posted a status about it, confirming her return to good health.

She wrote,

HomreSweet Home finally1 I have missed my FB frirnds and fzamily but am vrry gratrful to br hom. i suffered a stroke on 9/13 am havr breen in a rehab simnce then i am very thankful fofor myfrirends family and nreighbrswho have helped us us so much during my recovery. i don’yt know how i would havre gotten through it without them thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you1HomHhomeHome HoH

Dolores was 12 when her father divorced her mother, Mary. He would eventually marry his second wife, Irene, and have another daughter named Connie.

Out of the four daughters, Dolores has been the most outspoken about her family’s controversial history. She’s given a number of interviews, and has said that she was shocked when she read her father’s account of his life in I Heard You Paint Houses.

You can learn more about Dolores here.

Peggy Sheeran Stopped Talking to Her Father After Jimmy Hoffa Disappeared

Frank Sheeran daughters

Pictured: Frank Sheeran and his first wife, Mary, along with their three daughters: Peggy, Dolores, and MaryAnne.

In 1975, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared after he called his wife to say that he was being stood up for a meeting he’d planned with two mob bosses. He was never seen again; seven years later, in 1982, he was declared legally dead. Investigators never found his body.

There were multiple suspects in the Hoffa disappearance, including Charles “Chuckie” O’Brien. However, Sheeran admitted to killing Hoffa in I Heard You Paint Houses. He also said his daughter, Peggy, stopped speaking to him after Hoffa disappeared.

It’s worth noting that even though Sheeran “confessed” to the murder, investigators have not been able to verify the veracity of this claim with physical evidence.

Peggy has the most significant role in The Irishman, out of all of the women in Sheeran’s life. She is played by actress Anna Paquin in the film.

Peggy Sheeran

Peggy Sheeran’s high school yearbook photo.

In real life, Peggy (whose full name is Margaret Regina Sheeran) has kept a very private life. She was an executive assistant for several decades; most recently, she worked as an executive assistant for Unisys until 2013, when she presumably retired. In 2019, she’s now 70 years old, and appears to be living in Pennsylvania.

Connie Sheeran Griffin Lives in Her Native Philadelphia

Unlike her sister Dolores, Connie Sheeran Griffin’s Facebook bears virtually no acknowledgment of her famous parents. Instead, she uses social media to support causes like reproductive rights, and posts photos of her children, grandchildren, and pets.

Connie is the only daughter from Sheeran’s second marriage with his wife, Irene. She’s the youngest of the four daughters, and hasn’t given an interview about her father’s compelling history. She is quite philanthropic, though.

She frequently posts about fundraisers and worthy causes to her social media. Organizations she supports include the Center for Reproductive Rights, and a Sandy Hook Promise petition to ban a video game with a fictionalized school shooting from being sold.

MaryAnne Cahill Died in 2018; She Was a Registered Nurse

Frank Sheeran daughters

LegacyPictured: Maryanne Cahill, Frank’s daughter.

MaryAnne Cahil died on February 13, 2018, at 69 years old. Per her obituary, she was survived by her sisters, her husband, Richard, her son Christopher, her daughter Karen, and their spouses and children. She was preceded in death by two of her sons, Richard Jr. and Matthew.

MaryAnne’s obituary reads in part,

Maryanne was a registered nurse and worked at both Fitzgerald Mercy and Bryn Mawr Hospitals. She was passionate about her career and her co-workers at both places became lifelong friends. She was an avid reader and loved to bake for her family. She also thoroughly enjoyed doting on her 4 wonderful grandchildren.

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