Hailey Riddle Accused of Charleston Islamic Center Vandalism

hailey riddle

Facebook Hailey Riddle

Hailey Riddle is an 18 year old College of Charleston student who is accused of vandalizing an Islamic Center in the South Carolina city.

The Charleston Police Department, in a February 13, 2020 press release, announced that a “suspect” was arrested for “Islamic Center vandalism.” According to police, they arrested Hailey Elizabeth Riddle, 18, of Wentworth Street, for allegedly “vandalizing the Islamic Center of Charleston at 1117 King Street on January 30, 2020.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Vandalism Involved Spray Paint, Police Say

hailey riddle

Hailey Riddle

Riddle was charged with malicious injury to a place of worship and was scheduled to have a bond hearing on February 13.

On January 31, 2020, officers responded to the King Street address in reference to someone “spray painting the words ‘Utterly Blessed’ on the north side of the building in pink and blue paint.”

Tips to CrimeStoppers helped with the investigation, according to the release.

College of Charleston president Andrew Hsu released the following statement regarding Riddle’s arrest:

I am disappointed to write that we have been made aware that one of our students was arrested by Charleston Police today in connection with recent acts of vandalism at the Islamic Center of Charleston on King Street. As the investigation is continuing and out of respect for the judicial process, we will withhold judgment at this time.

That being said, the College condemns any act of aggression, hatred or disrespect toward any individual or place of worship based on religious affiliation. We teach our students the core values of respect, diversity and community and hold them accountable to these principles.

Our values are who we are as an institution and as a community. They are our promise to each other and provide valuable and necessary common ground.

Any member of our campus community who is found to be involved in such aggressive, hateful or disrespectful activity will be dealt with through the appropriate law enforcement authorities and/or in accordance with the College’s codes of conduct and institutional policies.

Police didn’t give any hint of motive.

Riddle Describes Herself as the ‘Life of the Party’ on Facebook

hailey riddle

Hailey Riddle

Riddle’s posts on Facebook aren’t political, at least those that are visible. Instead she wrote, “update: i’ve found out that i can no longer fully function without my roommates for more than one week. i need the gossip and our adventures back now please, thank you❤️.”

In another post, she wrote, “spent the week in my favorite place? i’ll be back soon oahu?”

hailey riddle

Hailey Riddle

Her profile reads, “college of charleston? class of ‘23? life of the party?.” She wrote that she studies Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at College of Charleston, went to Wade Hampton High School, lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and is from Hampton, South Carolina.

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