Megan Boswell, Mother of Evelyn Boswell: 5 Fast Facts

Evelyn Boswell and Megan Boswell

TBI/Facebook Evelyn Boswell (left) in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations photo and Megan Boswell (right) in a Facebook photo.

An AMBER Alert was issued on February 18, 2020 for Evelyn Mae Boswell, a 15-month-old child missing in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Although Evelyn was last seen on December 26, 2019, she was not reported missing until February 18. Evelyn’s mother, Megan Boswell, had full custody of her daughter at the time of her disappearance, but it’s unclear why she did not report her missing.

On March 6, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) posted on Twitter that they had found remains believed to be Evelyn’s on a property belonging to Megan Boswell’s family. On March 11, they confirmed that the remains were, in fact, Evelyn Boswell’s.

Two individuals were arrested in North Carolina in connection with the case, William McCloud, 33 and Megan’s mother, Angela Mae Boswell, 42. They were transferred back to Tennessee for questioning. On February 25, Megan Boswell was also arrested in connection with the case.

A lot of information about this case remains unclear, and the Sullivan County Sheriff has said that this is an extremely complex case with a lot of conflicting information.

Here’s what you need to know about Megan Boswell, the mother of deceased Evelyn:

1. Megan Boswell Was Arrested on February 25 & Charged With False Reporting

On February 25, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s office posted on Facebook that they had charged Megan Boswell with one count of False Reports and said she is being held in the Sullivan County Jail on a $25,000 bond. They added that “during the course of the investigation, Megan ‘Maggie’ Boswell [date of birth March 21, 2001] provided detectives and agents with a number of conflicting statements. Further investigation revealed that some of the information provided by Megan Boswell was false.”

Her court proceedings began on March 9, but the judge ordered a seal on the records so there is no information about what they contain, what the documents are and how many documents have been sealed. Her bond was also increased to $150,000, and the motion to increase the bond said that the investigators had found a child’s body in an “out-building” of the Boswell family.

2. Evelyn Mae Boswell Was Missing for 2 Months Before Her Grandfather Called the Authorities

Evelyn Boswell was declared missing on February 18, 2020. In the Tennessee database of missing children, Evelyn’s name appears with the note: “Evelyn was entered as a missing child on Tuesday February 18, 2020 but was reportedly last seen on December 26, 2019.” It also described her as “a 15-month old, white female, 2 ft tall, 28 lbs., with blonde hair and blue eyes. Evelyn was last seen wearing a pink tracksuit, pink shoes, and a pink bow.”

It’s unclear why the girl wasn’t reported missing earlier. Evelyn’s grandfather is the one who finally reported her missing. Leslie Earhart, TBI spokesperson, told NBC News that “Investigators are trying to determine why she wasn’t reported missing until this week.”

Boswell spoke to WCYB News 5 to say she knew who took her daughter but she didn’t report it for fear that they would disappear with her child. Her full interview is available here:

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office had a press conference on Friday, February 21, and discussed the difficulties with this case. Sheriff Jeff Cassidy said that the FBI, the TBI, and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office were working very hard on this case.

During the February 21 press conference, Sheriff Cassidy said that they believed Evelyn was still alive and also that a babysitter was the last non-family member to see her, on December 10 or 11. During the press conference, a reporter asked when the mother or father saw Evelyn last, and Cassidy answered: “I’m not gonna go with what the mother stated because, like I said, some of the conflicting stories are inaccurate.” Instead, he said he’s “going on” the date the babysitter gave.

They said their main concern was finding Evelyn, and that “we are not disregarding anybody as a suspect at this time.” Cassidy added that Megan Boswell and the father, Ethan Perry, are both involved in the investigation.

The full press conference is available here:

Megan Boswell was spotted leaving the courthouse in Bristol on Friday, February 21 but stayed silent in the face of questions by reporters about her missing daughter. News station WJHL was on site and confirmed that Boswell was at the courthouse for a juvenile court hearing. They were unable to get further information from court clerks about the hearing details and subject matter.

Heavy reached out to the Bristol Courthouse for more information but has not yet received a reply.

3. Evelyn’s Father Is Ethan Perry, a U.S. Army Soldier on Active Duty

Ethan Perry

Ethan Perry in a 2017 Facebook photo.

Evelyn’s biological father is Ethan Perry, an active-duty soldier with the U.S. Army born in 1999. According to Facebook, he joined the U.S. Army in November 2017, the same year he graduated high school. He is stationed in Louisiana, but it’s unclear if he is in Tennessee right now or in Louisiana.

He posted on Facebook on February 19: “I’m currently working with authorities trying to find Evelyn. I can’t say much more than that at the moment. If anybody knows anything please message me.” He has also reposted the TBI’s AMBER alert post on February 21.

According to Sheriff Cassidy’s press conference, Megan Boswell had full custody of Evelyn.

4. Megan Boswell Has At Least Three Different Facebook Profiles

Megan Boswell has a few different profiles on Facebook, though it’s not clear why. She has one profile under the name Maggie Boswell, which includes a lot of photos of her child. The profile says she is studying at Northeast State Community College, but it’s unclear if she is still attending school.

She has another profile under the name Maggie Wood, and this one has the same cover photo of Evelyn that TBI is using for the AMBER alert. That picture was uploaded on November 3, 2019. According to WJHL, Hunter Wood has come forward saying he is Megan’s ex-boyfriend, which may be why this profile has this last name.

A third Facebook profile for Megan is under the name Megan Nicole Kys. This profile appears to be more dated, without anything posted since 2017. She posted a picture in 2017 kissing Ethan Perry, and recently tagged him in the comments using her Maggie Wood profile.

She posted about her daughter in September 2019, a post that has since been deleted from Facebook. In it, she said “I’m not the best mom in the world, but I try so hard for this little beauty. I can’t even explain the love I feel for her, and i know she loves me too. Lately my lifes been really sucky but she’ll come reach for me and say ‘mom mom’ and my heart melts and I’m reminded of her unconditional love.”

She continued, “You can say whatever you want about me being a young mom, but I promise you my life is so much better with this angel. My life wasnt ruined when I had her, she gave me a purpose and a reason to wake up everyday and to better myself. Theres no love like the love from your child!”

Evelyn was born on November 21, 2018.

5. Megan’s Ex-Boyfriend Has Given an Interview About the Child and His Relationship With Megan

Hunter Wood spoke to WJHL and said that he used to date Megan Boswell but never once saw her daughter. He said they dated in December for a few weeks but “All I’ve seen is pictures of her, I’ve never even seen the baby,” he said to WJHL. “I have no relationship with that child whatsoever.”

He said his relationship with Megan never got serious. He told WJHL that Megan told him Evelyn was staying with her father Ethan Perry while he was home for the holidays on military leave.

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