POLL: Who Won the Democratic Debate for February 19?

Las Vegas Democratic Debate

Getty Las Vegas Democratic Debate

February 19 was the ninth Democratic debate and featured six candidates, including Bloomberg appearing in a debate for the first time. It was an intense debate, with the Nevada caucus nearing in just a few days. Who do you think won tonight’s debate? Vote in the poll, which is at the end of this article.

The candidates who were in the February 19 debate for the Democratic nomination were Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Three months ago, readers voted that Andrew Yang won the debate, followed by Bernie Sanders and Tom Steyer. Two months ago, the winner in Heavy’s poll was Bernie Sanders by 86.44 percent. Last month, the winner in Heavy’s poll was Andrew Yang at 48.67 percent, closely followed by Bernie Sanders at 38.92 percent. Yang has dropped out of the race and will not be in another debate.

The first question went to Sanders based on Bloomberg saying he was the best to win as a centrist. Sanders said that they need the largest voter turnout to beat Trump. Bloomberg had a stop-and-frisk policy that won’t grow voter turnout. “What our movement is about is bringing working class people together.”

Bloomberg responded by saying there was no way Sanders could beat Trump because of Sanders’ stand on insurance.

Warren then jumped in and shared that Bloomberg called women “fat broads” and said that was a similar comment you’d expect from Trump. “I’ll support whoever the Democratic nominee is…but Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant millionaire for another.”

Klobuchar talked about her high voter turnout and how that is what it will take to win. “I actually welcome Bloomberg to the stage,” Klobuchar said, but then she saw the memo that Bloomberg released calling on candidates to get off the stage. “I’ve been told many times … to step aside, and I’m not going to do that because of a campaign memo.”

Biden said that NBC’s poll said he was the best equipped to defeat Trump. “I’m ahead by eight points across the board.” He added that Bloomberg didn’t manage his city well when he was mayor.

Buttigieg said, “We’ve got to wake up as a party…” He said it’s possible that the two most polarizing figures will be the ones left standing: Sanders and Bloomberg. He said we shouldn’t choose a candidate who wants to burn the party down or one who wants o buy the candidacy.

The debate started out really intense, with candidates attacking Bloomberg, then Sanders and Buttigieg coming against each other strong, and then Warren being asked about supporters who are bullies. It was pretty insane for a debate.

Here’s a look at the candidates’ closing statements.

At the end, Klobuchar reminded the group: “What unites us is so much bigger than what divides us.”

Bloomberg ended by comparing how he’s different than Trump. “The people that we elect…should have experience, credentials, and understand what they’re doing and the implications thereof…” He talked of holding Trump accountable.

Buttigieg said he was asking Nevada for their vote because America is running out of time. “If you look at a choice between a revolution and the status quo and you don’t see where you fit in that picture, then vote for us.”

Warren talked about how she grew up fighting and how she wants to help struggling families. She said she fought for unions, students, and more. “Of all the people on this stage, I’ve been a politician the shortest time, but I’ve been the one out fighting for families the longest.”

Biden said he learned a lot from his dad and he knows what it’s like to be knocked down. He said from Day One they need to send an immigration bill, and then he commented that Sanders voted against the bill.

Sanders said that LULAC disagreed with the bill because of some provisions it had. He then said everyone’s united to defeat Trump, “But where we don’t agree is why we are today the only major country on earth not to guarantee healthcare… ” He said they are going to mobilize people for justice in the country and not just justice for the top 1 percent.

Who do you think won the debate? Was it the candidate who had the best jokes, the one who made the best policy argument, or someone who seemed to rise above a tougher moment?

Now that you’ve read the article, vote in Heavy’s poll below. Who do you think won the February 19 debate in Las Vegas? The candidates are listed in the poll below.

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