Coronavirus Deaths in the U.S.: A State-by-State Look at COVID-19 Victims [March 20]


Getty This CDC photo shows a microscopic view of the Coronavirus.

As coronavirus cases grow in the United States, some families have experienced heartbreaking loss. Although the majority of COVID-19 cases are mild, some become serious and some patients can even die. Because the virus is new, reports on death rates are still being determined. But the death rate is concerning enough that social distancing and self-isolation are being recommended and many businesses have closed their doors to slow the spread. This is partly to make sure that hospitals aren’t overwhelmed, so more cases can be treated. This is called flattening the curve.

As of the time of publication, there have been 151 reported deaths from coronavirus in the United States and more than 9,000 confirmed cases.

Here’s a look at deaths in the U.S. and which states they are in, based on information provided by BNO and other sources as of early March 20. To see the number of cases per state, see Heavy’s story here.

California: 19 Deaths

The first death was reported on March 4 in Placer County, The New York Times reported. This death was a person who had traveled on a cruise ship to Mexico. They had underlying health conditions.

Another death on March 11 was a woman visiting Los Angeles County, ABC 7 reported. She was in her 60s and had a long layover in South Korea.

Two additional deaths were reported by late March 19 and California issued a statewide “Safer at Home” order.

Colorado – 3 Deaths

The second death was a man in Weld County who was in his 70s, KDVR reported. The first death, in El Paso County, was a woman in her 80s with underlying conditions.

Connecticut  – 2 Deaths

The first death in the state was reported on March 18, News 3 reported. The patient was a man in his 80s who had lived in an assisted living facility in Ridgefield.

Florida – 9 Deaths

The eight death was a person in Clay County.

One of the eight deaths was in Lee County: a patient in their 70s whose exposure was travel related. The second death was from Santa Rosa County and had recently taken an international trip.

One of the deaths was Richard Curren, who lived at an assisted living facility with his wife, CNN reported. His wife Sheila said he was perfect and loving. He was 77 and a retired magician.

Georgia- 10 Deaths

WSB-TV reported four deaths in Georgia on March 18, which increased to 10 on March 19. One was treated at Emory Healthcare. Two died at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital: a 42-year-old woman and a 69-year-old woman. Both had pre-existing conditions. The cases were tied to two funerals at a funeral home, officials said.

Illinois – 4 Deaths

The state’s first death was reported on March 17. A woman from Chicago in her 60s died. She had an underlying condition.

On March 20 the cases had climbed to four deaths, SJR reported. They include a 71-year-old visiting family in Springfield and who was from Florida. Her son had recently returned from Switzerland. Another was a man in his 50s and a woman in her 80s.

Indiana – 2 Deaths

Roberta Shelton died in Indianapolis, Fox 59 reported. She had helped raise funds for a family in need just the month before. Her friends said she was an angel, always helping people in need. She hadn’t traveled out of the country recently.

Kansas  – 1 Death

A death in Kansas was connected to the nursing home in Seattle where an outbreak happened, KCUR reported. They had stayed in a facility owned by the same national chain. The man was in his 70s and he was sent to a hospital for unrelated reasons on March 7. On March 10, he was transferred back to the hospital unresponsive.

Kentucky 2 Deaths

The first death in Kentucky was a man from Bourbon County who was 66, reported LEX 18. Officials said: “While the coronavirus wasn’t the only cause, it was a contributing factor.”

The second death was a 64-year-old man from Jefferson County who died on March 13. “A lot of factors” contributed to his death, said Gov. Andy Beshear.

Louisiana –  10 deaths

Ten deaths have been reported in Louisiana. Two deaths were Lambeth House residents: one 92 and one 98, WWLTV reported. Two other deaths were from Lambeth House.

Louisiana updates are posted here.

Maryland  – 1 Death

One death was reported in Maryland on March 18. The man, in his 60s from Prince George’s County, had an underlying condition.

Michigan – 3 Deaths

The first death in Michigan was reported on March 18. The man was in his 50s and died in Wayne County at Beaumont, Fox 2 Detroit reported. He had underlying conditions.

Mississippi – 1 Death

The first death in the state was reported on March 19. The patient was 60-65 with underlying conditions.

Missouri- 1 Death

A death was reported in Missouri on March 18. The patient, in their 60s, had traveled overseas.

Nevada  – 1 Death

One death has been reported in Nevada on March 18.

New Jersey – 9 Deaths

The first death was announced on March 10. The patient was a 69-year-old from Bergen County, NBC New York reported. He had emphysema, hypertension, and diabetes. He died after his second cardiac arrest.

One of the deaths was a New Jersey woman — a member of the Fusco family. Three of her children also died and two relatives are in critical condition, CNN reported. Three of the people who died were at a New Jersey medical center. One was in Pennsylvania.

New York – 36 Deaths

One of the New York deaths was a former firefighter who responded on September 11, even though he had retired, CNN reported. John Knox, 84, had also served as a Marine. His pre-existing conditions were from working at Ground Zero. He was full of energy and integrity, his son said.

Oklahoma – 1 Death

Oklahoma reported its first death on March 19.

Oregon – 3 Deaths

Oregon has had three death from the coronavirus, KEZI reported. The first was a 70-year-old man from Multnomah County. The second was a 60-year-old woman from RiverBend Hospital who died from cardiac arrest, and the third was a 71-year-old from Washington County who died the day after his positive test result.

Pennsylvania  – 1 Death

Pennsylvania has had one death from the coronavirus: a man from Northampton County. WFMZ reported the man was 55-year-old Carmine Fusco. He was a horse trainer at Wind Gap.

Two other members of his family, who are from New Jersey, also died from the coronavirus. Seven members of the Fusco family are still stick after a March 10 dinner party. Grace Fusco, Carmine’s mother, died on March 18 and she was the grandmother of 27 family members. Three days after the party, Rita Fusco-Jackson (Carmine’s sister), 55, died. She was said to have been in good health.

You can read more in Heavy’s story here.

South Carolina – 1 Death

South Carolina has had one death from the coronavirus, Post and Courier reported. She was reported to be an elderly woman with other medical conditions.

South Dakota – 1 Death

South Dakota has had one death from the coronavirus. The patient was a man in his 60s from Pennington County. He died on March 10, but he hadn’t been in Pennington for two weeks before his death. He had underlying issues.

Texas – 5 Deaths

Texas has had three deaths from the coronavirus, Texas Tribune reported. The third death was a 64-year-old from Collin County who was in the hospital for an underlying condition. The first death was a man in Matagorda County in his late 90s. A man in his 60s in Dallas County was found dead in his home and did not have any underlying conditions, Statesman reported.

A man in Harris County, between the ages of 80 and 90, died.

The second death was a senior adult in Tarrant County. Patrick James was hospitalized on March 12 and died four days later. He was living at the Texas Masonic Retirement Center. His wife has symptoms.

Vermont – 2 Deaths

Vermont reported two deaths on March 19. They were both in their 80s, VTDigger reported. One was a man from Windsor County. The other was a woman who was a resident at Burlington Health & Rehab, an elderly care facility.

Virginia – 2 Deaths

Virginia has had two deaths from the coronavirus. The second death was a man in his 70s who died of respiratory failure after contracting coronavirus from an unknown source. Another man in his 70s died on Saturday.

Washington – 74 Deaths

Washington has had 68 deaths from the coronavirus. Total counts can be found here. Washington has the highest death count of any state in the country.

At least 35 of those deaths are from the Life Care Center in Kirkland, KIRO 7 reported. Fifty-six deaths are from King County. One death was in Clark County, one in Pierce County, one in Grant County, and six in Snohomish County.

Here are details on some of the earlier deaths.

On March 10, there were two more deaths in King County. One was a woman in her 80s at Issaquah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and a man in his 80s from Ida Culver House.

On March 9, it was reported that three Life Care residents died, including a woman in her 80s, a woman in her 90s hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center, and a woman in her 70s.  Out of 20 total deaths in King County as of March 9, 19 were from the Life Care Center.

On March 3, three more deaths were reported in King County. One of those died on February 26 at Harborview Medical Center, but was just diagnosed, KOMO News reported. That patient had underlying conditions and was in his 50s, from LifeCare. Another death was a woman in her 80s from LifeCare who died at home. Details on the third death are not yet known.

A man in his 70s died on February 29 at EvergreenHealth and is connected to the Life Care Center.  He had underlying conditions, Q13 Fox reported.

A Life Care Kirkland resident in her 70s was hospitalized at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland. She died on March 1, 2020.

A man in his 70s with underlying conditions, who was a Life Care Center resident, died on March 1 at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, Q13 Fox reported.

A woman in her 80s, a Life Care resident who was previously in critical condition, died on March 1.

A man in his 50s in Washington State died around February 29, marking the first case of someone in the continental U.S. daying from the virus. He had health conditions and was treated at Evergreen Health in Kirkland.

As of late March 6, 11 out of 10 fatalities in King County were connected to the Life Care Center, Herald Net reported.

One of the early deaths was in Snohomish County. This was a man in his 40s with underlying health conditions who was treated at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, Herald Net reported.

Wisconsin – 2 Deaths

The first Wisconsin deaths were reported on March 19.