National Cowboy Museum’s Tim Send Charms Twitter With Folksy Humor

tim send national cowboy museum


Tim Send is the head of security for the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma. Social media wasn’t really his thing. Or so he thought.

Send’s charming tweets have generated a following online, where quarantined people are looking for a break from all the negative news. The innocent, somewhat naive, and relentlessly positive way in which he uses social media has touched people all over the Internet. Maybe his folksy humor is a throwback to a simpler time. He’s a hit because he’s not trying to be a hit. He’s just trying to share his love of cowboy stuff, impress his grandkid, and do a job thrown at him because we live in unprecedented times. Tim’s gone viral.

Into the often ugly, caustic Twitterverse enters a guy as homespun as Toy Story‘s Woody (who, of course, he tweets about). For starters, Tim revealed that his grandson Lucas told him to use hashtags (and he writes his grandkids in public tweets). Tim thought that, to use a hashtag, you actually write out the word hashtag. Eventually informed this was wrong, he started writing #hashtagcowboymuseum, but it appears no one’s bothered to inform him that’s not quite right, either. He kindly ends his tweets, Thanks, Tim. He’s funny but informative on western culture too.

“Walking through the Dorothea Lange Exhibition and this photo caught my eye. It’s called Man with Cap from 1934. Doesn’t he kind of look like that kid from that movie The Notebook? Tina, my wife, made me watch it. #HashtagTheCowboy Thanks, Tim,” reads one tweet.

On March 18, Tim tweeted, “Twitter tips, please,” and then followed that up by revealing, “Sorry, thought I was Googling that. Thanks, Tim.”

His first post was a photo of himself and this announcement, “Hello, my name is Tim and I am the head of security for The Cowboy. I have been asked to take on the additional duty of social media management while the museum is closed. I’m new to this but excited. My team will also continue to protect and monitor the museum. Thanks, Tim Send.”

The National Cowboy Museum (Nat’l Cowboy Museum on Twitter) is located in Oklahoma. “From fine art, pop culture & Halls of Fame to Native American objects, historical cowboy gear, shopping & dining, The Cowboy tells America’s Western story,” the profile reads. You can find the museum’s website here. It’s closed through March 31, 2020 because of coronavirus. It’s located in Oklahoma City, and you can find the address and visiting hours here.

Here are some of Tim Send’s best tweets:

Reaction has been positive. Here’s some of that:

“Y’all, the tweets from the National Cowboy Museum will warm your heart. Follow @ncwhm.”

“Came on Twitter to find you because I could hear Sam Elliott’s voice in each tweet. And then find this.”

“If you’re looking for some positivity during this down time follow @ncwhm thank you Tim.”

“I urge you all to start following Tim @ncwhm. His tweets will make your day.”

“Dude, I think you’ve found a permanent gig on Twitter. Keep up the good work. You make me smile and laugh.”

“@ncwhm Love Tim’s tweets and the @ncwhm is a new bucket list visit. Hey Tim, who do you think played the better Doc Holliday? Dennis Quaid or Val Kilmer?”