WATCH: Bob Hall Pier In Corpus Christi Collapse During Hurricane Hanna

Heavy/(Flickr/Nan Palmero) Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi, Teaxs.

A beloved pier in Corpus Christi is going to need some repairs after the winds from Hurricane Hanna wiped off its tip. Bob Hall Pier is located on the southeastern area of Texas and near Baffin Bay, where the hurricane made landfall.

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Many have expressed disappointment by the news, often remarking that the pier was a special location for them in childhood. Others are preparing to hunker down as flooding rains threaten Corpus Christi and most of the surrounding counties.

The Pier Lost Its Edge During the Storm

According to Visit Corpus Christi Texas, Bob Hall Pier is 1,240 feet long and “extends proudly into the Gulf” for those who enjoy fishing for groupers, speckled trout and other types of fish. A popular spot for those in Texas, the pier has its own Facebook page with more than 9,000 followers.

Just yesterday, it was announced via Facebook that the pier would be closed over the weekend, with hopes of reopening Monday, barring significant damage or debris from Hurricane Hanah. Then, Nueces County Coastal Parks Director Scott Cross told KRIS-6 that, during Hurricane Hanna, part of the pier collapsed at Padre Island.

“Praying for y’all. My family had some great memories there and hope that it can be rebuilt,” Lauren Berggren wrote on Facebook.

For a windy webcam of the pier’s progress during the storm, click here.

Hurricane Hanna Has Corpus Christi Under Multiple Warnings

Hurricane Hanna is a tropical storm that is now a Category 1 hurricane and the first of the 2020 Atlantic season, according to USA Today. Hanna made landfall on Texas’ Padre Island, bringing with it 85 mile-per-hour winds and a storm surge, KIII-TV reported.

According to the National Weather Service, Hanna made landfall at 5 p.m. The counties of Corpus Christi, Rockport and Port Lavaca are under a storm surge warning until Sunday evening; those counties are also under a flash flood and tropical storm warning. The nearby surrounding counties, such as Hebbronville and Kingsville, are under a tornado warning while the counties of Freer and Refugio are under a flash flood warning. The warnings are subject to change, however; and you can check the most up-to-date advisories via

There were reports of damage as early as 2:40 by the Brownsville National Weather Service station, which tweeted that Port Mansfield, Texas was experiencing “significant structural damage.” Rockport police also warned people that Fulton Beach Road was impassable, warning people, “Please stay off the roads. This is not the day to go and take a drive. #TurnAroundDontDrown.”

Rain is expected to blanket Laredo, Freer, Victoria, Beeville, Alice and Corpus Christi and it may also catch the counties of Cotulla and Tilden, according to the National Weather Service. Flooding rain, officials said, is the most primary concern and is expected to bring rainfall totals of up to 15 inches in some areas. The National Weather Service also provided this preparedness advice:

Rapidly rising flood waters are deadly. If you are in a flood-prone
area, consider moving to higher ground. Never drive through a flooded
roadway. Remember, turn around don`t drown!

If a Tornado Warning is issued for your area, be ready to shelter
quickly, preferably away from windows and in an interior room not
prone to flooding. If driving, scan the roadside for quick shelter

If in a place that is vulnerable to high wind, such as near large
trees, a manufactured home, upper floors of a high-rise building, or
on a boat, consider moving to a safer shelter before the onset of
strong winds or flooding.

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