WATCH: Manhattan Beach ‘Karen’ Calls Cops on Black Woman in California

Manhattan Beach Karen

Instagram A screengrab of the video showing the woman on the phone with the police.

A new video is circulating on social media showing a woman, whose identity has not been revealed, calling the police and claiming that she was “accosted” by a Black woman. The video is filmed by the Black woman and shows the other woman on a beachside bike path. She says she’s going to call the police, which she proceeds to do while going on a racist rant toward the videographer. According to a BET article, the videographer is named Britt.

The incident occurred on August 30 at Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles County and the video was posted to Instagram in two parts by Britt’s brother, Brandon Crockett. It is available below:

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I woke up this morning ready to shatter a fucking window. Didn’t think this would happen to myself or my own family members—let alone in Manhattan beach—but hey, this year really is full of surprises. While my sister was out on a run this morning, a woman shouted at her, calling her all sorts of nigger and African and…well you can just watch the videos. Point is man, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of seeing my own people being accosted in the middle of their daily activities for quite literally, just being black. And I most certainly have had enough of seeing us being slaughtered in broad daylight. I can hardly explain how infuriating this shit is. And it’s not going away any time soon if we continue to do nothing. Unless you are a literal mute, you have a voice. (Shit even mutes have a voice to some extent) So use it. That means calling out these blatant ignorant acts of racism when you see them in public, voting, petitioning, educating yourself and others. We live in a society that is actively trying to eradicate an entire group of people. That’s the reality. If you have black friends, and participate in virtually any form of contemporary artistic expression, then this affects you. And if the above doesn’t apply to you, then guess what pal. It still affects you. Don’t sit back and watch your fellow human beings endure this kind of treatment. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”. -J. K. Rowling #blacklivesmatter

A post shared by Brandon Crockett (@brandoncrockett) on Aug 30, 2020 at 11:05am PDT

Crockett added a long caption to the video, saying, “Didn’t think this would happen to myself or my own family members — let alone in Manhattan beach — but hey, this year really is full of surprises … While my sister was out on a run this morning, a woman shouted at her, calling her all sorts of [N-word] and African and… well you can just watch the videos.”

The Video Shows the Jogger Threatening to Call the Police & Then Doing So, Asking for a Paramedic Because Her ‘Environment Has Been Harmed’

Crockett explained in his caption that the incident occurred when Britt, the videographer, was out jogging. It’s unclear what started the incident specifically; as the video begins, the woman is accusing Britt of “accosting her” while Britt replies that the woman called her the N-word, which she doesn’t deny.

The video begins as the unnamed woman says, “This person accosted me, I’m calling the police. This woman just hit me, everybody. I can’t believe you, you guys are so violent. You Africans are so f****** violent.”

The videographer then replies, “Keep it going, keep it going,” to which the other woman says, “You’re an African right? I’m trying to give a description, why are you so offended by the fact that you’re an African?” Britt then accuses her of having called her the N-word, to which the unnamed woman replies, “You’re an African.”

At this point, the woman, who is wearing a pink shirt and gray leggings and is holding her mask in her hand, gets on the phone with the police. She says, “Hi, I was just accosted, a woman just accosted me. She violently attacked me.”

In the second video posted by Crockett, the woman tells the person on the other line, “I need a paramedic. I need an ambulance. My environment has been harmed by this African Black person. I have been harmed by the environment that this African has created … She attacked me from behind.”

It’s unclear if the police responded to the incident. Heavy reached out to the Manhattan Beach Police Department for more information but did not immediately hear back.

A Video of a Woman Calling the Police on a Birdwatcher in Central Park, New York City, Went Viral in May 2020

On May 25, 2020, a video showing a confrontation between Amy Cooper and Christian Cooper (no relation to each other) in New York City’s Central Park went viral. Amy was walking her dog, which was unleashed in a leashed area of the park, and Christian, who was birdwatching, requested that she put her dog on a leash.

During that incident, Amy called 9-1-1 and tells them, “There is an African American man — I am in Central Park — he is recording me and threatening myself and my dog. Please send the cops immediately!”

Amy Cooper was later charged with false reporting, a misdemeanor charge, and if convicted she could spend up to a year in prison, three years probation and a $1,000 fine. She is scheduled for arraignment in October. After the video went viral, Amy lost her job and later issued an apology.

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