WATCH: Man Kicked in Head, Violent Portland Assaults Caught in Graphic Video

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Twitter A man was kicked in the head in Portland in a disturbing scene caught on video.

A man was violently kicked in the head in Portland, Oregon, as Black Lives Matter protesters milled throughout the streets, a disturbing scene captured on video.

The August 16 assault shows a man walk up to the victim, who is lying on the ground, and kick him violently in the head. The victim then appears to be unconscious as other people gather to help him. It was just one of a series of assaults that occurred on the streets of Portland the same evening.

The suspect has now been identified as Marquise Love by police. You can read more about Love here.

marquis love

FacebookMarquise Love.

At least two other people were physically assaulted in the troubling videos that have gone viral on social media. The confusing set of circumstances involved a man crashing his truck after a woman in the vehicle was attacked. You can watch the videos later in this article, but be aware that they are extremely disturbing and contain scenes and language that is graphic and disturbing.

Here’s the main video:

According to Fox News, the violence occurred “just blocks from the federal courthouse after the driver of a pickup truck crashed, was reportedly pulled from the vehicle and then brutally beaten by a mob after a confrontation with protesters.” Fox reported that the man who was kicked in the head was the driver of the pickup seen in some of the videos. It’s not clear why he was in the area.

Portland police wrote in a news release that they “received reports of a group committing assaults in the area of Southwest 4th Avenue and Southwest Taylor Streets. Police response was complicated by a hostile group, requiring additional officers to safely investigate.”

At 10:27 p.m., Central Precinct officers “responded to a report of an injury accident at Southwest Broadway and Southwest Taylor Street,” the police news release says. “The report said protesters were chasing the truck before it crashed, and they assaulted the driver after the crash. Officers encounters a hostile crowd and a squad from the Rapid Response Team (RRT) responded to help secure the scene while the investigation was underway. The driver was transported to the hospital by ambulance with serious injuries. The incident is under investigation and no arrests have been made. By about 1:00 a.m., the majority of the crowd had left the area.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The Graphic Videos Show a Series of Attacks

Some people tried to help the victim. Be forewarned that there is disturbing language and scenes in all of the videos.

This video shows an earlier attack on a woman who was in a truck. The truck then crashed into a tree.

This person was also attacked that night in yet another disturbing video:

In the news release, police wrote that, at about 7 p.m., “protesters gathered in Chapman Square and Lownsdale Square parks began entering Southwest 3rd Avenue at Southwest Main Street, blocking vehicular traffic. There was a peaceful rally and speeches. A march began around the building to the 2nd Avenue side, which is the main entrance to Central Precinct. The crowd mingled in the streets for several hours, blocking traffic on Southwest Main Street and Southwest 2nd Avenue. Participants vandalized and threw objects at the building. Other than making the area safe for employees getting in and out of the building, officers did not interact with the crowd.”

A Local Security Agency Denies Employing a Man Accused on Social Media of Being Involved

Some people think BLM is being unfairly blamed, and a local security agency says information being circulated about it on social media is false.

Because the suspect is wearing a vest stamped security in the video, social media writers have also accused him of working for a local security agency. However, that agency, Star Protection Agency, told Heavy in an email on August 17: “Star Protection Agency is committed to the safety and security of our communities and decries violence in all forms. In order to continue to serve these communities, we feel it is necessary to protect the reputation of both our organization as well as the many employees that choose to work with us. This morning several outlets have incorrectly identified the suspect of a violent assault in Portland as an employee of Star Protection Agency. The individual named in these stories is not employed by Star Protection in any capacity and is not licensed or recognized to provide security services in the state of Oregon.”

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