VIDEO: Bayshore Mall Parking Garage Collapse in Glendale, Wisconsin

bayshore mall collapse

Facebook/Neshea Love Photos of the Bayshore Town Center collapse.

Part of the Bayshore Mall parking garage has collapsed in Glendale, Wisconsin, according to North Shore Fire Chief Robert Whitaker, who spoke in a February 23, 2023, news conference.

Whitaker said in the news conference that there was a “pancake” like collapse from the third floor down. Videos show the damage at the Bayshore Town Center collapse scene. You can watch the videos throughout this article and see photos.

Two cars were in the collapsed area, Whiteaker said. It was initially unknown if they were occupied or whether there was any pedestrian traffic in the garage. “We have now worked through watching security video of that area,” Whitaker said, adding that snow might have been partly to blame.

He said authorities believe no one was injured. They said that is based on review of the surveillance video and interviews with the two car owners. He said authorities do want to see that with their own eyes.

But he said they are “highly confident there was no one in that area when this happened.”

Here’s what you need to know:

A Woman Posted Videos of the Collapse, Saying, ‘We Heard a Big Like Rumble’

“We heard a big like rumble,” a woman named Neshea Love said in a Facebook video.

Love shared several videos of the damage to her Facebook page. She said in the video that she was “stuck. This fell and blocked us in. This is horrible. There’s no way to get out of this exit.”

“This is nuts,” she said in another video. “I’m not trying to die today.”

A Man Who Works Nearby Said the Collapse ‘Sounded Like a Bomb’

“It sounded like a bomb,” Darius Fox, who works nearby, told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “It shook the whole building.”

The Bayshore mall is located in a suburb adjacent to the City of Milwaukee.

Love said in another video that she was told it wasn’t safe to go back in the garage.

“Wow,” she said in another video. “We’re stuck.”

In the videos, she said cars were under the collapsed portion.

Firefighters Were Digging Through Snow, Video Shows

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Mike DeSisti tweeted, “North Shore Firefighters on the scene at #Bayshore digging through the snow at collapsed garage.”

CBS 58’s Ellie Nakamoto White tweeted, “Crews do not suspect there are any injuries. Right now they are using heavy equipment to remove the snow/debris off of two cars currently trapped under the rubble pile. Multiple other cars are trapped in the garage but unaffected otherwise.”

She added, “Officials say they will continue working for at least the next hour. Right now, the only ramp to get out of the garage is damaged from the collapse. Crews are working with security and the owners of the cars that are not trapped so they can hopefully retrieve personal belongings.”

The Bayshore Town Center’s website says, “Bayshore has been serving the North Shore community as the premier destination for shopping, dining, living and working since 1954. The open-air center features a vibrant atmosphere and unique experience featuring more than 60 shops, restaurants and offices which perfectly match any lifestyle. Guests can explore a wide variety of free entertaining and rewarding events and experiences including live concerts, cultural and seasonal festivals, and fun activities for the whole family while enjoying fantastic savings and offers all year long.”

Multiple Vehicles Were Damaged in the Bayshore Mall Parking Garage Partial Collapse, Reports Say

Ellie Nakamoto-White, a CBS 58 reporter, tweeted that, “The second floor of a parking garage at Bayshore Mall has partially collapsed. Multiple vehicles are damaged.”

Nakamoto-White also tweeted, “I just heard from employees at the Rocky Rococo’s next door who say they heard a loud crash and thought there was a train passing by or something similar. They tell me they didn’t expect to come out and see the damage left from the garage.”

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