WATCH: Cherry Festival Carnival Ride Video Goes Viral

cherry festival carnival rides

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Video showing a Cherry Festival carnival ride almost tipping over in Michigan has gone viral. You can watch the video below.

In it, the ride’s foundation starts to tip with people already riding on the attraction. Other people at the fair then rush over and hold the edge of the ride’s foundation to prevent it from tipping over. Watch:

The 95th Annual National Cherry Festival is held in Grand Traverse County, Michigan.

Here’s what you need to know:

Video Shows the Magic Carpet Ride Swaying

The video above shows another view of the Cherry Festival ride. According to Up North Live, the mishap occurred on Thursday night, July 8, 2021.

The news site reported that the incident occurred on the Magic Carpet Ride. No one was injured in the situation, and the ride was taken down the next day, according to Up North Live, which added that people’s harnesses remained locked for some time after the ride finally came to a stop. reported that some people are worried about going on rides after viewing the video. The rides are supposed to be inspected once a year, the site reported.

People cheered and hugged loved ones who were on the ride when everyone got off safe, Up North Live reported.

People reacted on Twitter. “I love traverse city! But damn!!!! They go crazy @ the cherry festival,” wrote one person. “TBH the Traverse City Cherry festival always has the dopest elephant ears and corn dogs though,” wrote another.

A man wrote, “Of course this is the first thing I see after getting back from the Cherry Festival tonight. Didn’t ride anything, but didn’t see this one on the midway anymore.” Another man wrote, “And this is why carnival rides will never see me. One elephant ear, please.” Others had cherries on their minds. “That is terrifying,” wrote one man. “The funny thing about the cherry festival — the nice juicy sweet bing cherries are never ripe by then. They do it too early. I haven’t gone for decades. But it is a beautiful place to go even without the cherries.”

The Cherry Festival Goes Back Decades

According to the National Cherry Festival website, “The National Cherry Festival, steeped in tradition, resonates Pure Michigan through and through. From bringing ‘pure’ local agriculture to the one of Pure Michigan’s premier destinations; to hosting guests in one of Pure Michigan’s most beautiful beach towns, the Cherry Capital of the World Traverse City, the National Cherry Festival is proud be one of Pure Michigan’s brightest gems.”

The website explains that, as far back as 1910, “cherry growers in the Grand Traverse area began to hold informal “blessing of the blossoms” ceremonies each year at blossom time in May.”

By 1925, the “Blessing of the Blossoms Festival” began, when Traverse City businesses “partnered with the local cherry farmers to promote the growing industry,” the site reports. In 1987, the community baked the world’s largest cherry pie, setting a world record.

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