WATCH: Dramatic Video Shows United Plane’s Engine on Fire Over Colorado

united 328 video

Twitter A screenshot of the United 328 video.

A viral video shows the passengers of United 328 cheering as the damaged airplane lands in Denver. Another video shows the plane’s engine aflame as it was in the air.

The video of the burning engine has more than 4 million views. It was shared by a woman who wrote, “Flight 328 @united engine caught fire. my parents are on this flight everyone’s okay though!” She added, “This video was taken by a passenger on the flight. I take no credit for this video.”

The video, which was taken by Troy Lewis, has more than 300,000 views on Twitter. It shows the plane’s mangled engine as the aircraft touches down. UA 328 left from Denver on February 20, 2021, bound for Hawaii, but circled back to the Denver airport after the engine problems. The plane landed safely without injuries to any passengers.

Here’s the video:

While in the air, the plane suffered an explosion that caused large airplane parts to careen into the yards of homes in Broomfield, Colorado.

Here’s what you need to know:

Video Also Captured the Plane Flying in the Air & Smoke From the Engine Explosion

Broomfield police shared a second video, which was posted by a man named Tyler Thal. It shows the plane in the air over Broomfield and plumes of smoke behind it.

“I saw an explosion on this low flying aircraft over @broomfield about 45 minutes ago. Debris fell from the plane and left a black cloud of smoke. The plane continued on. Any new on if this plane landed safely? @BroomfieldPD @NMFirePIO @9NEWS @KyleClark,” he wrote.

The National Transportation Safety Board wrote on Twitter, “NTSB has opened an investigation into the Feb. 20, 2021, engine event on a United 777. Denver-based NTSB investigators are responding.”

Police & Others Shared Dramatic Photos of the Debris Landing in Broomfield

PoliceA plane part in Broomfield.

Police and others shared dramatic photos that showed large metal plane parts in yards and next to homes.

“A Code Red was sent out to about 1,400 residents around Commons Park, Northmoor and Red Leaf asking them to look for debris in yards,” Broomfield police wrote.

Broomfield police wrote, “Getting reports that a plane flying over @broomfield had engine trouble and dropped debris in several neighborhoods around 1:08 pm. No injuries reported at this time. Plane did not land in Broomfield.”

According to CNN, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the plane, UA 328, was “experiencing a right-engine failure shortly after takeoff. The FAA is aware of reports of debris in the vicinity of the airplane’s flight path.”

“United Flight 328 experienced an engine failure and safely returned to Denver. We are in contact with the FAA, NTSB and local law enforcement,” United Airlines said in a statement. “The NTSB is investigating and has directed that any persons with debris from this event contact their local law enforcement agency.”

There were 241 people on board the plane, according to CNN.

People on the plane later told local journalists that they heard the explosion and felt the heat from the engine fire.

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