Victoria Triece: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

victoria triece

Instagram/NeJame Law Victoria Triece

Victoria Triece is a Florida mom who says she was banned from being a volunteer at her kids’ elementary school because she has an OnlyFans page.

Triece was part of the Orange County Public Schools’ ADDition volunteer program. Heavy has reached out to the Orange County Public Schools and Triece’s lawyer.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Triece, who posts provocative content on social media, volunteered at Sand Lake Elementary School because her two children attend the school.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Triece Is Planning to Sue the School District

Triece and her lawyer held a news conference in Florida. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Triece’s volunteering at the elementary school included helping with class parties and lab assignments.

“I always wanted to be involved in that aspect of life,” Triece said to the newspaper. “My mother did it for me and having her there was the best joy growing up.”

She says an anonymous parent told administrators about her OnlyFans page and she was “kicked off campus,” according to the Sentinel, which quoted her as claiming an “affected a parent who went and paid to see my content, but then they had to go send in these photos of me to the school and make me not be allowed to be around children anymore, which I’ve done and dedicated my life to for pretty much five years. I don’t know who was told what I do. And now I’m supposed to walk into the building and I don’t know what was said to my son’s teacher … I don’t know what’s been said about me to anyone at that school.”

She has hired NeJame Law and is considering suing, according to the Sentinel.

2. Triece Has Posted a Series of Provocative Photos on Social Media

Triece also has an Instagram page on which she has posted a series of provocative photos. She posted a picture of a newspaper headline about the volunteerism to her story.

She captioned one recent photo, “up 2 no good 🐰.” She wrote, “things have been so crazy for me recently. thank you for listening to me tell you the same story 1000 times in a row because i cannot process anything that’s going on right now.”

She added, “anyone else had the best and worst year at the same time or is that just me?” Some of her Instagram posts say things like, “i could be the thing you throw away” and “think you could come help me?” and “i can be your fantasy.” She’s in swimsuits in a lot of the pictures.

Triece is also on Twitter.

3. She Called What Happened With the School ‘So Cruel’

In a tweet, Triece wrote, “the way someone took paid content from my onlyfans and sent it into my children’s school is so cruel. you don’t have to like what i do or agree with it but to do something this extreme is just downright wrong.”

She added, “and if you want to see the email that was sent about me or hear the story about how i currently am not allowed around children in the school building because of this email, it’s all over the news right now.”

Her OnlyFans account calls her Snooks. “Hey angels, It’s Victoria–I post daily. This is my NSFW content 😈 Message with me ♡ xo Victoria,” it says. Her OnlyFans account shares a wish list asking for everything from a $2,390 Louis Vuitton purse to $437 Gucci sunglasses.

4. The School District Has Declined to Comment

According to the Tampa Bay Times, School district spokesman Michael Ollendorff declined comment due to “potential, pending or ongoing litigation.”

The site said documents he provided on guidance for volunteers don’t specify what they can do off school grounds.

5. People Defended Triece on Her Instagram Page

Supporters defended Triece on her Instagram page comment threads. Here are some of those comments:

“Screw the school administration. Keep crushing it!”

“this is the best thing you ever could have wished for. You are going to get so many new followers etc! Good for you.”

“Also started following you because of what I saw in the news today. It’s funny because in their effort hurt your reputation, they’ve likely made you more popular. As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

“What an unfair thing to do. Forget the negativity in your community. I thought Orange County was above that. You’ll make more $$$ than ever before so turn this negative experience Into an amazing one.”

“Stay strong! You are beautiful and a good Mom!!!! ❤️”

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