WATCH: Anti-Mask Woman Tells Officials, ‘I’d Rather See This School in Ashes’

Screenshot from the school board video.

Telegram & Twitter Screenshot from the school board video.

A woman was recorded addressing school officials in Vandalia, Illinois, about COVID-19 mask mandates and telling them that she would rather “see this school in ashes” than watch the children “suffocate” while officials wore “diapers” on their faces. She cited the Nuremberg Code while addressing the school officials, and also said that she disagreed with how they were teaching children to hide when they were wearing masks on their chins. Michael Flynn shared her video on Telegram. You can see the short video along with a link to the full video below.

She Said She’s Rather See the School ‘in Ashes’

The shorter eight-second version of the video is circulating on Twitter, shared by an account called PatriotTakes. You can watch the video in the embedded tweet below.

In the short clip, the woman who is not identified says, “I’d rather see this school in ashes than to see you sit there with your pockets full while you suffocate our children with diapers on their faces.”

During her video, she mentioned the Vandalia, Illinois, school system multiple times, which appears to be the group of officials she was addressing.

The Vandalia Community School District’s layered mitigation measures note that students and staff should stay home if they have COVID symptoms and quarantine if they are positive. The measures also include requiring physical distancing when possible and the “correct wearing of masks,” with accommodations for students with disabilities.

Vandalia Elementary School posted a link to recent COVID-19 statistics on Facebook, noting “the local plan we continue to advocate for.” This plan included the layered mitigation measures referenced above.

A letter sent in August from State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carmen Ayala to local schools noted, “noncompliance is not an option.  I will not compromise the health and safety of students or staff, nor will I risk even one child’s life,” Vandalia Radio reported.

Flynn Shared the 6-Minute Long Video &  Said ‘I Choose This Mom for America’s Team’


The video was originally shared on Telegram by Michael Flynn. The original video is six minutes long and can be watched at this link.

Just before posting the video, Flynn wrote: “I choose this mom for America’s Team. God bless this courageous, smart and very savvy mother. The only issue I have is there should be thousands of citizens jammed into the room behind her. Stand together and we will prevail 💪🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸”

In a six-minute-long video, the woman disagreed strongly with mask mandates in the school district and questioned money received that was related to COVID-19. During her speech, she mentioned funds that the state of Illinois was going to give the school district, and added: “With all this information about how dangerous these masks are, and then not to mention this experimental gene therapy they’re calling a vaccine, why would this school keep doing this? So I decided to follow the money.”

While she kept referring to the vaccines as gene therapy in her speech, that description is not accurate. Reuters reported that mRNA vaccines are distinct from gene therapy and do not alter vaccine recipients’ genes in any way.

Dr. Adam Taylor, a virologist, told Reuters: “Gene therapy, in the classical sense, involves making deliberate changes to a patient’s DNA in order to treat or cure them. mRNA vaccines will not enter a cell’s nucleus that houses your DNA genome. There is zero risk of these vaccines integrating into our own genome or altering our genetic makeup.”

Later in the video, the woman asked the school officials: “Are you … slated to receive any state, federal, or private funding, and or grants, from any entity on the condition of universal masking, vaccine … or any other COVID related protocols … in the entire Vandalia, Illinois, school system. … Are you receiving any funds under those conditions or aren’t you?”

She added that she believed the Vandalia school system received more than $5 million related to COVID measures. (Heavy has not confirmed this number.) She then went on to say that masks weren’t healthy for children to wear.

Although that was her assertion in the video, Babak Javid, a professor of medicine at the University of California-San Francisco, told KHN that the idea that masks lead to carbon dioxide buildup or a lack of oxygen has been “debunked.”

Benjamin Neuman, a biology professor at Texas A&M University, told KHN that masks “will add some resistance to the breathing process, meaning it may feel like it takes a bit more work to take a breath, but it won’t materially change the makeup of air that comes through the mask.” reported that only children under 2 should be advised not to wear masks, since they can’t remove them without help. Children with cognitive impairments or pre-existing breathing problems might encounter difficulties with masks and need precautions.

The woman then asked the school board “who got the money” and what was done with it. “Which pocket is it in?” she asked about the $5 million she had referenced earlier.

She then went on to cite the Nuremberg Code. The full context of her “see this school in ashes” quote included the following:

You are violating the U.S. Constitution of the United States. I don’t care what mandate the state of Illinois gives. You are violating the rights of these children, the rights of these parents and your own conscience. … You are standing against it (the U.S. flag) when you do this masking, this universal stuff to get that money. I’d rather see this school in ashes than to see you sit there with your pockets full while you suffocate our children with diapers on your faces. Not only that but I have seen these children say to me, to my face, that they’re letting us wear it on our chin now, we just have to wear it on our chin, but we gotta put it on… So you’re teaching them to lie on top of deceiving them into doing something.

The shorter version of the video has since gone viral.

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