WATCH: Coyote Attacks Cat in Texas; Video Goes Viral

coyote attacks cat video

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A coyote attacks a cat in Texas, and the video goes viral. The feline staged a daring escape – it appears.

A man named Tony Gray recorded the video. “Coyote upstairs on my beach house rear deck. Island life. Someone almost lost a cat,” he wrote on Facebook on June 9, 2022.

Concerned people took to Gray’s comment thread to inquire whether the cat lived through the attack. He did not answer those questions. Heavy has contacted Gray to inquire about the cat’s fate.

“This was my first up-close experience and hopefully the last,” Gray told Fox 13.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Cat Dodges the Coyote’s Advances for Much of the Video

In the video, which you can watch above, the coyote confronts the house cat on the deck of the home. The coyote attacks, but the cat hisses, scratches, and deftly dodges the coyote repeatedly. At one point, the coyote manages to grab the cat by its fur, but it wriggles back away.

In the end of the video, the cat escapes the coyote by darting up, and clinging to, a patio pole. The coyote leaves the porch. The cat eventually loses its grip and falls to the ground below. The video ends.

That’s the part that concerned readers who commented on Gray’s thread. Did the cat survive? Or did it fall into the coyote’s clutches on the ground below?

“That poor cat fell quite a way down. You can see the coyote in the same yard the cat fell in. I hope the cat was ok. Poor kitty,” wrote one person on the comment thread.

But another reader wrote, “I am glad the cat escaped. All Coyotes carry their prey back to their den and feed it to their young while the poor creature is fully Alive.” Another wrote, “That coyote was SKINNY too so you know he was extremely hungry. So glad the cat got away.”

“Sadly it can be heard yelpng at the end after falling into the yard where the coyote was waiting as shown in the video that was enlarged,” a woman wrote.

The Incident Occurred in Surfside, Texas; Gray Says He Banged on the Door to Scare Off the Coyote

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According to The Houston Chronicle, the coyote/cat video was filmed in Surfside, Texas.

ABC13 reported that the cat “narrowly survived,” and Surfside police confirmed there is a coyote problem in the area.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Gray “said he tried to help the cat by banging on the door, which he said scared the coyote off the porch.”

Gray told Fox: “You can hear me bang on the door to scare off the coyote. That’s why he ran off. He was a fighter and luckily the coyote was a skittish pup.”

According to Fox 13, it’s not clear who owns the cat or where it went. “I am amazed at the diverse and healthy population of wildlife on this island,” Gray told Fox. “Surfside is an amazing place, but we need to keep our pets inside and safe.

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