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How to Stream fuboTV on PC & Mac (Easy Guide)

stream fubotv

Stream fuboTV Now

Enjoy unlimited access to the television that matters to you most with fuboTV for your PC or Mac. Never miss a moment of the programming you love, even when you’re at work, with easy access to the fuboTV live TV streaming service. Cut the cord with your cable company and enjoy having 24/7 access to local news and sports, no matter where you are. 

Keep up with your favorite television shows across networks like AMC, USA, TBS, Comedy Central, and Syfy. Not sure you’ll make it home in time for the latest episode? Most fuboTV subscriptions include 500 hours of Cloud DVR storage. There’s no need for a separate DVR cable box with your fuboTV subscription. Access the shows you’ve saved and watch them directly on your Mac or PC so you never miss a minute.

fuboTV is your all-access pass to live television streaming, no matter where you are. With access available on your PC or Mac’s web browser, you’ll be able to view your favorite TV networks across multiple computer screens. Whether you’re at a hotel with your laptop or at home trying to pass the time, fuboTV is easily accessed on your personal computer.

With a fuboTV subscription, you’ll be able to watch the progress of your local sports teams through live broadcasts. Add-ons allow you to add Sports Plus for access to NFL RedZone, fubo Cycling, and even international sports networks so you’re on top of everything from your favorite football, basketball, and hockey teams. 

fuboTV allows you to customize your premium channels so you’re accessing the content you want. Options for foreign networks, additional entertainment packages, and so much more can be tacked on to your subscription for a robust viewing experience from your PC or Mac.

How to Stream fuboTV on PC & Mac

fuboTV allows for a convenient viewing experience, whether you’re on a mobile device or on your PC or Mac. From your home computer or laptop, all you need is an updated browser and a fuboTV account to start watching hours upon hours of live television. 

The following is a breakdown of which web browsers will work with fuboTV:


  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)


  • Safari (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)

To access fuboTV on your browser, follow these simple steps:

  1. 1. Sign up for Fubo
  2. 2. Open your compatible web browser
  3. 3. Type “fubotv.com” in the address bar
  4. 4. Select “Sign In” from the top menu bar
  5. 5. Type in your credentials

It’s that easy to enjoy 24/7 access to the very best in live television entertainment and the latest in sports and local news coverage.

Stream fuboTV Now

Where Else Can You Watch fuboTV?

You can also stream fuboTV on your Apple TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Fire Stick, Roku, Android, iOS devices, and more.

How Much Does fuboTV Cost?

A fuboTV subscription starts at $54.99 per month for the standard plan, which is for 100+ live channels, including Comedy Central, AMC, SNY, MSG, FS1, NFL Network, and MSNBC. You’re able to stream 2 screens at once and get 30 hours of DVR space.

The next tier option is the Family plan for $59.99, which gives you 100+ channels plus you can use 3 screens at once and get a whopping 500 hours of DVR space. For $64.99, you can get Family Plan with Showtime (which adds 9 Showtime On-demand channels into the mix).

There’s an Ultra package that gives 176 channels, plus fubo extra (which adds 40 entertainment channels), Showtime (+9 channels) and Sports Plus (22 high-energy sports-centric channels). Cloud DVR for this place is still 500 hours.

There are also a handful of add-ons you might want to consider, including $4.99/month for AMC Premiere, Sports Plus w/ NFL RedZone for $10.99/month, fubo Extra for $5.99/month (which adds networks like MTV Classic, Nick Music, NBA TV, NHL Network, and the Cooking Channel), Adventure Plus for $4.99/month (adds the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, and a few others), and a couple international options as well.

What Content is on fuboTV?

With fuboTV, you’ll be able to stream live TV without a cable subscription price, including networks like USA, Comedy Central, AMC, TBS, TNT, MSNBC, and so much more. That means you’ll get top-tier shows like The Walking Dead, Comedy Central Presents, The Chappelle Show, American Dad!, Final Space, and more!

Stream fuboTV Now

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