Early Voting Results: Can You Change Your Early Vote?

Now that the FBI director has dropped an October surprise – and a hotly criticized one at that – into the 2016 presidential election, some people are wondering: Can you change your early or absentee vote?

Fox News says you can change your early or absentee vote in at least eight states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, Louisiana, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Check with your local election officials. Here’s a searchable directory. However, the Louisiana Secretary of State said the Fox News account was not accurate regarding Louisiana.

In a few other states, it wasn’t clear, so there could be more, said Fox News’ Trace Gallagher. According to Fox and Gallagher, in Minnesota, Hawaii and Connecticut, you have until November 1 to change your early vote. In Pennsylvania, you can cancel your ballot any time. In New York, you can request a new absentee ballot up until the day before the election, added Gallagher. In Wisconsin, you can change your vote three times.


Trump tweeted that you can change your vote in six states (he didn’t name them), and urged voters to do so.

In most states, you can’t change your vote once it’s cast, though.

More than 12.6 million Americans had already early voted as of October 29, and the number of Americans casting early ballots (by mail or in person) is up sharply. The early voting returns in some key battleground states are showing signs of strength for Hillary Clinton because Democrats are early voting in higher percentages than they did in the previous presidential election.

clinton cedar rapids rally

Supporters look on as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally on October 28, 2016 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Getty)

However, that was before FBI Director James Comey deviated from past practice and sent a letter to Congress in which he said the FBI was investigating newly recovered emails to see if they bore significance to the Clinton private server email investigation. Comey overruled objection from Attorney General Loretta Lynch in releasing the letter. Clinton has demanded that he release more details.

Whether and how you can change your early or absentee vote depends on the state you live in, but in most states, you can not change your early or absentee vote. You should check with your local voting officials to be sure.

There’s been a recent spike in Google searches for terms relating to changing your early vote, according to Google Trends.


Different states have different nuances to their rules. Some terminology differs between “early vote” and “absentee vote” and whether they are interchangeable, and some states have strict rules about who can vote before the election.

Fox 43 says that Pennsylvania voters can change their early vote (absentee ballots), but they have to physically go to the polls to do it.

“If you send in an absentee ballot and change your mind, the only way to void the absentee ballot is to show up at your designated polling station to vote on election day,” the TV station says. “Poll officials will have a record that you already voted via absentee ballot. Once you show up and vote in person, they will send work to election officials to void the absentee ballot.”

Minnesota elections officials advise voters: “WHAT IF I RETURNED MY BALLOT AND WANT TO CHANGE MY VOTE? You can ask to cancel your ballot until the close of business one week before Election Day. After that time, you cannot cancel your ballot. To cancel your ballot, contact the election office that sent your ballot. Your options are to have a new ballot mailed; vote in person at your local election office; or vote at your polling place on Election Day.”

In Wisconsin, election laws give voters “up to three chances to correct their ballot before it’s officially cast.”

Reported WISN-TV Milwaukee: “Early voting is in full swing in Wisconsin, and those early voters can change their vote up to three times.”

“Wisconsin state law actually allows a person to change their mind and vote a new ballot if they have submitted an absentee ballot,” Neil Albrecht, the executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, told WISN-TV.

The Oshkosh, Wisconsin clerk told WBAY, “All the ballots are secured in the vault at city hall. We would pull that from the group. We would let the individual, the voter, vote again and document that this was their second ballot issued. We’d keep a record of that, so they would only have up to three opportunities.”

Voters have until November 4 to revote in Wisconsin, said the television station.

According to Fox and Friends, “Voters in Minnesota and Wisconsin have the option of changing their vote if they cast their ballots early or as absentees.”

The network says that election officials report some voters have been changing their minds.

In Michigan, House Elections Committee Chairwoman Lisa Posthumus Lyons told The Detroit News that Michigan allows people to change their minds.

In Michigan, there are strict rules for absentee voting (you have to be 60 and over or out of town, for example) and, unlike some states with early voting, the votes are not counted right away, meaning voters “have the opportunity to change their vote if they change their mind in the days leading up to the election,” she said to the Detroit News. Michigan technically considers these absentee ballots not “early voting” since the process is not open to all.

In Colorado, once a clerk has received your ballot, you can not change it. But if you’ve marked it, but not returned it yet, you can request a new ballot.

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  1. I am sick and tired of republican-led individuals trying to bring Hillary down any way they can. It is not going to work.

    • actually Comey dropped out of the republican party this summer , probably not a big fan of trumps , but he is doing the right thing.. upholding the laws

    • Not Republicans this time. It’s the FBI and of course Hillary. Deleting 30,000 emails was a slap in the face of Justice. Karma wins again.

      • Let’s get the facts straight. Her attorneys deleted those emails before the subpoena. That’s the problem with many statements – lies! I’m neither Democratic or Republican but think the truth should be told.

    • She is the only one to be blamed for her dishonesty and corrupted actions. The republicans did not forced her to received 11 million dollars from the King of Morocco and Bill Clinton making a very profitable business from the poor people of HAITI after the devastator EARTHQUAKE 6 YEARS AGO and the list goes on and on.

      • From your first comment, I thought you were voting for her….lol. I replied to your first comment, but I guess it is awaiting approval. Sorry for the things I said, although they were not hateful. Just things that I would normally say to her trolls that she is paying $6 billion to. I pray every day that God doesn’t let her fools bring our country & us down down with Soros’ wishes.

        • You are worried someone who has been successful in helping people through politics for decades might bring our country down? As opposed to what, a man who is thrice divorced, married to a prom queen, talks like a drunken sailor – in public – and avoids paying taxes and files bankruptcy to avoid paying debt? Seriously? Some of us are either blind or stupid or just plain insane. If we elect Trump, it will be our first president with a porn queen wife who anybody can see touching herself in a place that the president promotes grabbing…her P*****. You would be proud of that?

          • Oh jeeze, are you for real? Just like Clinton, ignore all the important facts and only talk about things that have no bearing on the Presidency of the United States. I can see that you get all your facts from the media. No common sense coming from you. DJT has done nothing to put our National Security at risk. You are spreading your hate just like Clinton wants you to. You must be a very happy person. You are just as disgusting as your idol is. The True American people can see the difference and your hate is not going to change our minds or our votes. We will be very proud to have DJT as Our President, and sitting in Our White House. Enjoy your misery….

    • Hillary did this, no one is doing it to her. I’m a democrat and there is no way I will ever vote for Hillary. She put lives at risk with her carelessness in handling classified information.

      • If she were not the presidential candidate, classified information won’t be any problem, like Rice and Colin Powel did, noone ever raise any questions! What a joke! When fact finding statistics says Hilary was not telling truth 27% of the time, and Trump was lied 74% of the time. …we all should use our head …

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  3. The Hiltard are blind, 9th Mont abortions, Libya, 150 billion given to Iran after Bush starved them for 8+ years, and don’t forget They now have the ISIS machine IRAQ, can someone tell me when we laft Gremany, Japan, Phillipines, etc.? Answer we NEVER LEFT. Hitlery for Prison!!!

    • “Ninth-month abortions” are NOT a real thing. Please, educate yourself. You are an embarrassment to the USA. I dont like either candidate, but seriously, go educate yourselves-Trumps’ supporters ARE the poorly educated, and thats a shame. I am sorry your parents and families failed you. But stop the excuses, Fox News and ANY media outlet is not where you should be getting your info. “The uneducated masses will follow a leader who feeds into their primal fears. Educated masses will follow a leader who offers hope.” Seriously, Trump supporters STOP making such ridiculous comments. Im embarrassed to be a Republican these days. We messed up letting Trump get this far. TRUMP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT US. HE WANTS US TO PAY FOR THAT DAMN MEXICAN BORDER WALL! Are you serious? You know how much this will cost us? MEXICO WILL NOT BE PAYING FOR IT. WAKE UP.

      • You are so arrogant saying Trump supporters are uneducated. You don’t know anythin
        g.if you are so sad to be a republican , you are of the few traitors that should change their party affiliation! We the people are happy with our choice! Why not try to see past your own ego.

      • Below are FIVE places where women can get abortions through the NINTH MONTH of pregnancy, RIGHT NOW!

        1. Southwestern Women’s Options, Albuquerque, New Mexico
        Abortionists: Shelley Sella, Susan Robinson, Carmen Landau, Curtis Boyd, Emily Rothman
        New Mexico is the “Wild West” for late-term abortionists because there are essentially no laws restricting the practice or regulating it. This facility is the largest late-term abortion facility in the U.S. It uses the Induction Abortion technique for most late-term abortions, which is a modified “partial birth abortion” procedure. Documentation exists that provide details of a severely botched 35-week abortion there in 2011, which ruptured the uterus of the patient.

        2. Boulder Abortion Clinic, Boulder, Colorado
        Owned and operated by Warren Hern
        Like New Mexico, Colorado law allows for abortions through all nine months of pregnancy. Hern has written text books on abortion and even invented new abortion instruments over his long career. According to a Federal Court lawsuit filed in Colorado, one patient suffered a horrific THIRD TRIMESTER dismemberment abortion complication in 2013, wherein a four-centimeter slightly curved section of bone from her aborted baby’s skull was left inside her and became imbedded in her uterus. She may never bear another child.

        3. Women’s Med Center, Dayton, Ohio
        Owned and operated by Martin Haskell
        Haskell has been credited with inventing the partial birth abortion procedure, although that claim is in dispute. Haskell’s abortion facility has had a number of documented botched abortions. Most recently, information surfaced that his facility conducted a forced late-term abortion on a woman who was incapable of consenting. He has had issues maintaining his abortion facility license since he cannot qualify for a hospital transfer agreement as required by law. He currently operates under a variance that allows him an exemption from the transfer agreement requirement.

        4. Pro-Choice Medical Center, Beverly Hills, California
        Owned and operated by Josepha Seletz
        Seletz uses the Induction Abortion method for very late-term abortions, which she will gladly do in the event of a “fetal anomaly.” She boasts of being “the most experienced abortion provider in the Western United States.”

        5. Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Germantown, Maryland
        Abortionist: LeRoy Carhart
        While late-term abortions are inherently more risky than the first trimester variety, LeRoy Carhart is among the worst late-term abortionists in the nation. He is responsible for the deaths of two late-term abortion patients: Jennifer Morbelli, 29, who died of complications to a 33-week abortion on February 7, 2013, and Christin Gilbert, 19, who died from a third trimester Carhart abortion in Kansas in 2005. Numerous life-threatening botched abortions have characterized the past few years of his career. Carhart has been subpoenaed by the House Select Panel on Infant Lives, which suspects Carhart has illegally trafficked in aborted baby body parts and had babies born alive at his abortion facility.

        • Those are very official looking lies Check the DOH website, lies, pure fiction. You are worried someone who has been successful in helping people through politics for decades might bring our country down? As opposed to what, a man who is thrice divorced, married to a prom queen, talks like a drunken sailor – in public – and avoids paying taxes and files bankruptcy to avoid paying debt? Seriously? Some of us are either blind or stupid or just plain insane. If we elect Trump, it will be our first president with a porn queen wife who anybody can see touching herself in a place that the president promotes grabbing…her P*****. You would be proud of that?

  4. I think that do to the reopening of the FBI every one who voted for Hillary should be Abel to change it if they wish !!!!

  5. Wisconsin doesn’t actually have early voting. We have absentee voting, and you can do it in person. Technically you could change your vote before Election day because it hasn’t officially been cast until then, and you are allowed up to three ballots to make changes. The same is true on election day… until the vote goes in the machine of course.

    • You are worried someone who has been successful in helping people through politics for decades might bring our country down? As opposed to what, a man who is thrice divorced, married to a prom queen, talks like a drunken sailor – in public – and avoids paying taxes and files bankruptcy to avoid paying debt? Seriously? Some of us are either blind or stupid or just plain insane. If we elect Trump, it will be our first president with a porn queen wife who anybody can see touching herself in a place that the president promotes grabbing…her P*****. You would be proud of that?

  6. In 1845, Congress passed a federal law designating the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November as Election Day. I wonder if it may be unlawful to deny “early voters” the chance to change their vote up to and including Election Day. Any thoughts?

  7. Wasn’t the dems just saying what a good director he was when he said there wasn’t enough to file charges now they say he’s a traitor? typical left

  8. Awesome, since it is likely they cannot know who I voted for prior (unless possibly absentee), I will just go in and re-vote and tell them that I voted for Trump before and then vote for Hillary again. Or I could hope that they do not send in the proper paperwork for my absentee and vote for a second time.

    But no, no one would try to do anything like that.

  9. So what you are saying is a Hillary voter who voted early can say she was a Trump voter can vote again? And can do that four times? That sounds like a single person can vote 5 times for the same candidate.

  10. Can you believe they actually go into the ballot box to pull your original ballot? That’s ridiculous. I smell potential corruption with this process. I don’t believe allowing people to change their vote is a good idea. That’s the risk of exercising your right to vote early is that you might regret it later.