How Many Popular Votes Did Clinton & Trump Win in Each State?

Donald Trump rally, Donald Trump iowa rally, Donald Trump sioux city rally

Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Sioux City, Iowa. (Getty)

Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States, but Hillary Clinton is expected to win the popular vote.

Trump was able to pull off the most stunning upset in American political history thanks to the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, but it also helped that Hillary Clinton lost millions of votes that Obama won in 2008 and 2012.

The result in Pennsylvania was particularly surprising, and Trump won about 80,000 more votes there than Barack Obama did in 2012. Trump also took the state of Wisconsin, even though nobody thought of it as being a potential swing state even a week ago. The Republican candidate won the state with 47.9 percent of the vote, though this falls short of Obama’s decisive victory in the state in 2012, when he earned 52.8 percent of the vote.

In total, Hillary Clinton won 59,739,748 votes, while Donald Trump won 59,521,401 votes. Ballots are still being counted, though, so it’s highly possible Clinton’s margin over Trump will wind up being even higher than that.

Here are the number of popular votes cast in each state, via data from The New York Times.

STATE Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Alabama 1,306,925 (62.9%) 718,084 (34.6%)
Alaska 130,415 (52.9%) 93,007 (37.7%)
Arizona 972,900 (49.6%) 888,374 (45.3%)
Arkansas 677,904(60.4%) 378,729 (33.8%)
California 2,970,470 (33.3%) 5,488,776 (61.5%)
Colorado 1,136,354 (44.4%) 1,208,095 (47.2%)
Connecticut 637,919 (41.7%) 823,360 (53.9%)
Delaware 185,103 (41.9%) 235,581 (53.4%)
Florida 4,605,515 (49.1%) 4,485,745 (47.8%)
Georgia 2,068,623 (51.3%) 1,837,300 (45.6%)
Hawaii 128,815 (30.0%) 266,827 (62.2%)
Idaho 407,199 (59.2%) 189,677 (27.6%)
Illinois 2,118,179 (39.4%) 2,977,498 (55.4%)
Indiana 1,556,220 (57.2%) 1,031,953 (37.9%)
Iowa 798,923 (51.8%) 650,790 (42.2%)
Kansas 656,009 (57.2%) 414,788 (36.2%)
Kentucky 1,202,942 (62.5%) 628,834 (32.7%)
Louisiana 1,178,004 (58.1%) 779,535 (38.4%)
Maine 334,838 (45.2%) 354,873 (47.9%)
Maryland 873,646 (35.3%) 1,497,951 (60.5%)
Massachusetts 1,083,069 (33.5%) 1,964,768 (60.8%)
Michigan 2,279,210 (47.6%) 2,267,373 (47.3%)
Minnesota 1,322,871 (45.4%) 1,366,653 (46.9%)
Mississippi 678,457 (58.3%) 462,001 (39.7%)
Missouri 1,585,753 (57.1%) 1,054,889 (38.0%)
Montana 274,120 (56.5%) 174,521 (36.0%)
Nebraska 485,819 (60.3%) 273,858 (34.0%)
Nevada 511,319 (45.3%) 537,753 (47.9%)
New Hampshire 345,598 (47.3%) 348,126 (47.6%)
New Jersey 1,535,513 (41.8%) 2,021,756 (55.0%)
New Mexico 315,875 (40.0%) 380,724 (48.3%)
New York 2,640,570 (37.5%) 4,143,874 (58.8%)
North Carolina 2,339,603 (50.5%) 2,162,074 (46.7%)
North Dakota 216,133 (64.1%) 93,526 (27.8%)
Ohio 2,771,984 (52.1%) 2,317,001 (43.5%)
Oklahoma 947,934 (65.3%) 419,788 (28.9%)
Oregon 742,506 (41.1%) 934,631 (51.7%)
Pennsylvania 2,912,941 (48.8%) 2,844,705 (47.6%)
Rhode Island 166,590 (40.3%) 227,052 (54.9%)
South Carolina 1,143,611 (54.9%) 849,469 (40.8%)
South Dakota 227,701 (61.5%) 117,442 (31.7%)
Tennessee 1,517,402 (61.1%) 867,110 (34.9%)
Texas 4,681,590 (52.6%) 3,867,816 (43.4%)
Utah 375,006 (46.8%) 222,858 (27.8%)
Vermont 95,050 (32.6%) 178,117 (61.1%)
Virginia 1,731,155 (45.0%) 1,916,845 (49.9%)
Washington 835,385 (38.1%) 1,221,435 (55.7%)
West Virginia 486,198 (68.7%) 187,457 (26.5%)
Wisconsin 1,409,467 (47.9%) 1,382,210 (46.9%)
Wyoming 174,248 (70.1%) 55,949 (22.5%)

How Could the Electoral College System Be Replaced?

After yet another election where the loser won the most votes, might there be another push to change the Electoral College system? How could this be done?

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    • You are right. This is just one more of the articles that today try to create discomfort. Trump won the popular vote in WV for almost 300.000 votes. In West Virginia people literally hates Obama and Clinton because they have destroyed their economy, and they have plunged entire population into poverty when the coal mines were closed. I already gave a proper answer to another one trying to support the confusion.

  1. The popular vote is a little messed up like the Electoral College. California is a very big state with lots of people and most of those people were Liberals but if you look at states individually, Trump won the popular vote in most states.

    • Excellent point. That is why the popular vote should never count. Otherwise, California would basically determine Presidents, or at least California, New York (city), and Florida. The first and second are majority liberal, and southern Florida is liberal. That would be a bias for Democrats.

      • From what you are saying, without California, New York, and Florida, there would be a bias for Republicans. Right? In your opinion, the entire USA (your 47 states) is and should only be run by Republicans. Is that correct? Is that democratic? As of 2016, the combined population of California, New York state and Florida is around 79 million people. The population for the entire USA is 324,118,787. There are 4 TIMES as many people in 47 states vs. your 3 ‘anti-Republican’ states. In that respect, if everyone 18 and older voted, you would happily be a proponent of the popular vote.

        • No one other than the Democrats today would ever make the argument that you seem to be. What people are saying about popular vote is that it unfairly biases elections to a few states. Why even have an election if large enclaves can determine the president? The nation is vast, has many different issues that vary geographically. If large enclaves were to determine the president, then they would unfairly be favored with all the resources. The other states would be servants to the larger voting enclave without the electoral college.

        • First the electoral college is and was created to prevent tiny geographic areas dominate, second it is not the state of California New York or Florida it is or are the cities of Los Angeles, New York City Chicago and SAN Francisco. Exactly the reason for the electoral college, thirdly Trump made little or no effort to exhaust resources in those areas . Wisely . There IS a great deal of anecdotal evidence of NON citizen voting in California. Personally I believe that everyone should be required to vote but at the same time there has to be a knowledge requirement . As to,votes and consequences.

      • Yet the Presidency can be won even if your the most hated as the popular vote is the true voice of the people —faithless electors come forward and give the election to the rightful winner.

    • So what! You are making the argument that rural votes should count for more than urban votes. The remedy for your grievance is already addressed by the senate, where in many cases you give states with 1 million people equal representation as states with 40 million. That is shameful in it’s self, that imbalance should exist in presidential selection as well and that is exactly the problem with the current process.

    • The total vote count gave the election to Clinton by about 200.000 votes. The popular vote in most states is what the GD electoral college is all about. Get rid of this antiquated system and if the Supreme Court now takes a political view than go all the way and have then be elected like the other politicians in this country. They were given unlimited tenure so they didn’t have to play politics. Now that they have decided to do just that(play Political games) go all the way and stand for elections like all the other politicians! You used to be able to count on the Supreme Court to be on the side of the Constitution of the United States but no more as they are just a political forum like the rest of the politicians.

    • Everybody who voted against Trump or votes democrat isn’t a Michael Moore liberal. I voted for Kasich in the primary. I don’t believe someone who lost as many states as Hilary did should be president. Trump is not a conservative in the Regan since. He has supported the Clinton’s campaign runs. The Clintons aren’t Hubert Humphrey liberals.

  2. It is not backwards. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote for WV, but WV is one of the 21 states that do not honor the winner of the popular vote. The electoral college chose Trump as the winner.

    • That is not True. Trump won the popular vote in WV for almost 300.000 votes. You should have never been in West Virginia in the last four years, otherwise you should know in West Virginia people literally hates Obama and Clinton because they have destroyed their economy, and they have plunged entire population into poverty when the coal mines were closed.

  3. The Democrats are sore loosers. We have been in decline over the last eight years because of President Obama, Harry Puke Red and Nancy Looser Pelosi. Thank god this country’s true patriots showed up to vote.

  4. If you remove CA and NY from the USA map you will clearly see that Clinton DID NOT win the popular vote – those 2 states have a huge population so one could say she really only won more votes because of CA and NY. So everyone can go back now and add up the states she actually did win vs. Trump and you will see he clearly won the popular vote across America. She lost big time including losing Arkansas, the home state of the Clintons. Need I say more.

    • Yeah I think you do need to say more or can you not count.The popular vote is who got the most votes, period. Clinton got about 200,000 mote votes total than did Trump. What you are saying is the electoral college is a good idea. It is an old system that needs to be changed to the person that gets the most votes wins it all. The electoral college counts where the votes come from to determine the winner.

      • You missed the point. Trump won the popular vote in the rest of the country. NY and CA due to their larger population single handedly shift the popular vote to Clinton. Both states already gave Clinton the electoral votes but u think their votes should count for more than other states??? That fact is he won the popular vote inow the rat of the country. Are you saying that the NY and CA should be allowed to decide for all of the US??? That is exactly what the electoral college is there to rightfully prevent.

      • The big lie/spin after this election: That Clinton won the popular vote. I challenge that.
        In the last 30 years, too many “non-citizens” (in Sanctuary Cities) have been registered
        and allowed to participate in the American Democratic process.

        This has to be addressed.

    • Why on earth would you say that? What difference does it make where these people live? ALL are American voters. You have to add up ALL the votes collectively, not by individual states. And, by the way, he lost big time in his home state of New York.

  5. this will never equate to any thing more than a 67,000,000 popular votes election for hillary and endless rigged fabricated,made up lies by corrupt trump and hiscohorts.

  6. If you look at the Popular Vote % by State, you will see that on Average Donald Trump had 49.91% to Hillary Clinton’s 44.09% of popular vote by state. The College Electoral System was designed to prevent any of the “Big States” from wielding excessive decision making powers over the “Small States”. In this regard, the College Electoral System works just fine. You can find the entire National Difference in % of Popular Vote in California alone. Asking the College Electorate to not vote how the population of their State voted is extremely UN American. The founding fathers debated this for days and weeks to find a compromise that would balance the interests of the populous and the individual States which had joined to create the United States. This is a country of States, each State sends its representatives to Washington – Congress, Senate, Executive.

      • He won the population vote in more states than she did. The population of CA and NY is the only reason it appears she has more poplar votes, which is a fallacy. She just hasaid more votes in those two states.

    • The reason they debated it was that it was a hardship to be elected to Congress. Most of the citizens did not want to go to the Congress because it cost them money and time away from their businesses or jobs. Career politicians is a more modern way than they had way back then.

    • That average accounts for ALL states – the ones Hillary Clinton won and the ones Donald Trump won – including California and New York. It’s easy to see – just take the table above and put it in a spreadsheet, then you can do the math. That is real math – not Democratic math.

      This democracy has been touted as the best in the world. I guess it’s only the best in the world if the your candidate won. Oh, wait, He did win. The candidate picked by the most voters in the most states is the President Elect – and that is how it was designed to be.

      The only post election debates I can remember are …. Clinton and Al Gore. Both Democrats crying foul when there was no foul. If you don’t like the democracy, find a better one – one that suits your math. I’m sure it exists – in another country – not Canada or England. But this system is the one we have, and it has worked for over 200 years.

  7. The big lie/spin after this election: That Clinton won the popular vote. I challenge that.
    In the last 30 years, too many “non-citizens” (in Sanctuary Cities) have been registered
    and allowed to participate in the American Democratic process.

    This has to be addressed.

  8. One voter should = one vote. Right now a knuckle dragger from a little square state is more of vote than someone living on either coast. Now tell us all exactly why is that justified other than it favors ignorance and bigotry on the right?

  9. Seriously? If this were the other way around and Hillary won the electoral voting and Trump won the popular vote, there wouldn’t be protesting, no riots, no media tweets about how unfair it all is. Nope, as in the past, we would have gracious, may not like the outcome, but still go forward. Also all we would hear from the Hillaritarians that the electoral college is the perfect system and for the Republicans to suck it up! Also, did you also see that past Democratic states switched and voted for newbie Republicans as their new representatives?! This has sent a big message to Washington and to all Democrats…. ‘the people are ready for a change’. The Electoral College system isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, at this stage, Democrats are in no position to change it! By, the way, for the next election, yes…every vote does count, the more votes in a state, the better chance that your state will win the electoral vote. I encourage everyone to vote, every time you can. We are a blessed country to have that liberty. Now, for those that are protesting, you’ve been heard, we get it, you’re upset, you’re feelings are hurt that you didn’t win. However, please go back to your jobs, and school classes and help make our communities the best they can be.

  10. All of you that voted for Trump the CHUMP ARE STUPID! He is already going to keep Obama care from getting rid of it! He’s a LIAR! All of you are going feel even more stupid when he takes back all he promised! I will NEVER CALL THAT MAN MY PRESIDENT!

    • 330000 e mails taking money from countries that stone women to death.stealing furniture from the white house bleaching 16 blackberries. And my favorite. Telling you she was named after sir Hillary because he had climbed Mt everest truth is she was 5 when he climbed everest and be came famous LIAR . not to mention being an enabler for bill the loletta molester .and whoredog. She’s a real dog turd .and your a real good judge of humans NOT .

  11. Why should the west coast and east coast decide an election ?For those that dont understand ,The electoral votes for those states could of been counted in June .So some might say you had an unfair advantage back then but the dems never said any thing at that point about unfair .Well hind sight is always clearer. Pound stone never really makes any one feel better but you can always pound stone

  12. In New York and California alone, Hillary won by over 4 Million votes. That is way more than her National lead. If there were no Electoral college, a 5 states like NY CA MA MD and NJ would decide ALL Presidential elections. Where does that leave the rest of the country. Actually, without a voice. The founding fathers were Genius in their design. IT SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED. Trump won the popular vote in 30 states vs Clinton in only 20. What would have happened in Obama were treated this way when he won?

  13. Don’t change the Electoral System! Each state should vote for the president, after their citizens have voted. We are the “United States”!