Steve Stephens Photos: Pictures of Cleveland Facebook Live Shooting Suspect

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  1. Happy Easter to you Jesus in your life. Killing your brothers and sisters whatever you went through with your girlfriend please pray on you guys please stop killing people Jesus don’t like that at all

  2. Hey fellas. Looking for somebody to hook up with on a regular basis for a relative agreement. I am an confident, powerful, independent, trustworthy, compassionate, sensuous, affectionate and aggressive! Let me know if this sounds interesting to you

  3. OMG! He could have killed his girlfriend, her children, his mother too!!! We can only speculate why he didn’t. I pray there are no other fatalities, His brain has gone an entirely different way! Jesus, take the wheel!!!

    • He didn’t because in most cases he was so in love and respected the women so much he thought the only way to win her back is to kill for her like for example look at the stupid books they put out in public women who love men who kill men who love women who murder ex girlfriends for love men and women who go on a romantic killing spree couples who love causing death to fantasize there sexual desires women and men who obsession becomes a killing game.

  4. My prayers are with us all… Hey crazy Steve, just to let you know that at the end of the day, you will be just like the crazy Cari movie ” THEIR ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU…

  5. if you ever shot some one or went hunting then you know how fake this shit is. Constructed news has been a thing for far too long, “gotta stay woke people”

  6. He has an illness that was not taken proper care of it was for whoever didn’t get him treated whoever knew he was going through or having these situations and disabilities are in many shapes sizes and forms. He may have been out of reality at the time thought he was in a game of reality training enviroment this is why so many videos or tv shows or crime shows give people ideas of murder or from video games with real life events in them trigger the brain into thinking fantasy is reality it is a proven fact that those who have played hours and hours of violent or aggressive gameplay can cause the brain to malfunction or overload into thinking life is that video game why do you think alot of kids who play grand theft auto go so ballistic and wind up copy catting the actions of the game. Another game would be doom those who experience bad nightmares or addicted to the thrill of being scared tend to get carried away and freak out causing them to have the kill switch inside there Brain to kill or get rid of that creature or person or object which they fear most. I don’t agree with what he did but this could have been treated while he was a child yet it wasn’t maybe he went through bullying harassment cyberbulllying and slander idk I’m just suggesting the following reasons of his actions.