When Will the Next ‘Pokemon Go’ Update Be Released?


‘Pokemon Go’ is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

A new Pokemon Go update is due to hit the app stores within the next few days. When will it be released, and what might Niantic change this time?

Over the past several months, Niantic Labs has generally released an update for Pokemon Go on a biweekly basis, with these updates doing anything from introducing new Pokemon to simply changing one line of text on one screen. Going by that schedule, the new update is already a bit late, as it should have been announced earlier this week. The previous update was announced on Monday, December 20th and hit the App Store a few days after that.

However, it’s reasonable to expect that this latest update is being delayed a bit due to the recent holidays. After all, the Pokemon Go official Twitter account hasn’t even been updated in almost two weeks, so Niantic probably needs some extra time to get this patch out and in the hands of players. Either way, Niantic always announces their new updates a few days before they are released, so make sure to follow @PokemonGoApp; whenever a new update hits, information is immediately tweeted out on that account.

Also, while the nest migrations tend to happen in Pokemon Go like clockwork exactly every two weeks, the game updates are a bit more random; they don’t always come on the same days, and they don’t always come exactly two weeks apart.

Just take a look at the dates when the Pokemon Go updates have been announced over the course of the past several months:

  • Thursday, December 22nd
  • Monday, December 19th
  • Wednesday, December 7th
  • Friday, November 18th
  • Sunday, November 6th
  • Wednesday, October 26th
  • Sunday, October 23rd
  • Monday, October 10th
  • Monday, September 26th
  • Friday, September 23rd

In those instances when two updates were released within days of each other, the second update generally fixed a minor problem created by the previous update. And in one case, an update was released a few days after the previous one just to add in Apple Watch compatibility.

So what will Niantic put in the game’s forthcoming update? Players probably shouldn’t expect any major new features considering a fair amount of content and special bonuses have been released these past few weeks. At the moment, a few of the holiday events are still ongoing, including a bonus that makes lures last for 60 minutes instead of the usual 30. This bonus will continue until January 8th. Several new Pokemon also hit the app fairly recently.

There are, however, a few glitches that players have been begging Niantic to fix in the next update. That includes lag causing players to be removed from gym battles and the app freezing immediately upon being opened. Even if no new features are added, hopefully the next update can resolve some lingering issues.

In terms of new content, generation two Pokemon are slowly being added, with a handful of baby Pokemon being released last month (although they can only be hatched and are not anywhere in the wild). Before those baby Pokemon launched, an update hit the app stores, and so the next time an update comes out, fans will be able to scour the source code and find out whether there are any new Pokemon on the way.

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