Grand Theft Auto V: Top 10 Best Free Mods You Need to Try

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Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular video games of this and last generation mainly thanks to the dedicated following of players both offline and on. The modding scene for this series has always been huge, but GTA V may have some of the coolest and most amusing user-created additions available now. While the future of mods for this game was in a bit of turmoil, it thankfully has all been resolved. For this mod list, we are going to focus solely on the PC version of GTA V since the console iterations have no way of introducing mods consistently and to the masses.

Here are the 10 best free mods for Grand Theft Auto V:

1. Iron Man Mark V by azer_922

BEST GTA 5 MODS EVER – 1 – IRON MAN STUNT MONTAGE (GTA MODS)GTA 5 PC Mods – Iron Man Montage. This is how mods should be used. No clips were sped up in this montage. EST GTA V Mods – Ep 2 – BEST GTA V Mods – Ep 3 – BEST GTA V Mods – Ep 4 – BEST GTA V Mods -…2016-10-18T18:18:28Z

There are a lot of superhero mods for GTA V, however, one of the coolest is the Iron Man Mark V suit.  Not only does this outfit look fantastic, but it comes with a plethora of abilities that will let you create chaos all across Los Santos. Not only can you fly over a hundred miles per hour, but utilize machine guns, tracking darts, and homing missiles to devastate your foes.  Given this may be the best chance to feel like Iron Man for some time, make sure to download this mod here.

2. Flamethrower by OHMYMODZ

GTA V Flamethrower


For those looking to put the fire in firepower, make sure to nab the Flamethrower add on by OHMYMODZ. Once installed, players will have access to a powerful flamethrower that can not only roast your enemies, but destroyed basic vehicles that you come across. However, if you plan to take on the cops with this weapon then you’ll want to make sure to get close due to the weapon’s short range. Pick up the Flamethrower mod right here.

3. Prison Mod by Marhex

GTA V – Prison Mod V0 1a _REVIEWThis is not my modification. I'm not creator – I only recorded a movie with this modification. Author is below with link to download mod ; ) If author of mod don't wont these video – please write comment – I will delete movie. Buy Game Here: Donations – energy drinks for Me :…2015-06-20T10:30:44.000Z

One of the coolest mods available actually sends players to prison if they are caught by the police. Developed by Marhex, this mod places players in a prison full of guards and other inmates all of which you can interact with as you try to escape. If you want to leave prison the honest way, players can actually pay their bail which is based off your rating when captured. So if you’re looking for a mod that adds a bit more depth to the world of Los Santos, make sure to give this mod a try.

4. Simple Trainer by Sjaak327

GTA V – Simple Trainer for GTA V 0 9 _REVIEWThis is not my modification. I'm not creator – I only recorded a movie with this modification. Author is below with link to download mod ; ) If author of mod don't wont these video – please write comment – I will delete movie. Mods Download: Donations for energy drinks : ) The…2015-05-27T16:20:07Z

While this mod doesn’t have the flash of others, it’s a fantastic quality of life addition that adds a lot of nice features to Grand Theft Auto V. This more of a general mod that adds a variety of nice features such as:

  • 60 Teleport Options
  • 12 Vehicle Spawn Options
  • Model Spawning
  • Bodyguards
  • Weather Options
  • Damage modifiers 
  • Tattoos for player models. 

The Simple Trainer is one of the best well-rounded mods that will help enhance not only your gameplay, but not completely break the game if you don’t want to bend the rules too much. You can grab this mod here and begin your reign of terror.

5. Yacht Deluxe by Elcredor



There aren’t a ton of boats available in the base version of GTA V, so for those who want to enjoy the finer things in life at sea then the Yacht Deluxe mod is for you. This drivable boat is huge and can be painted a variety of different colors if you are bored with the basic white. It’s also large enough to land a helicopter on and players can spawn into if they chose. It also makes for a great place to hold a shootout with the cops given the sheer abundance of cover available. You can download the mod here and begin your life of luxury.

6. German Railcar by MrGTAmodsgerman

GTA 5 [PC] [Update] 🚆 German Railcar (Bombadier Traxx BR 145) – Train Mod FINAL By MrGTAmodsgermanThis mod replace the freight train of GTA V with the BR 145 by Bombadier Traxx You can walk in the cab of the train and you can drive the train with the Railroad Engineer Mod by J10. You can enable the dashboard light by any mod that turns on the interior light. About the…2016-07-11T22:36:46.000Z

The trains in Grand Theft Auto V are pretty much only known for the very few missions they’re involved in and being completely indestructible. Sadly, players are unable to interact with these vehicles normally, but with the German Railcar mod you can now drive them across the tracks of Los Santos. While the practical purposes for this mod are a bit limited, it’s still nice to finally have a use for the trains in GTA V.  If you are looking for a more immersive mod then this is the one for you.

7. Vice City by Jestic



Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released back 2002 and since then players have not been able to venture down to this tropical paradise. However, for those looking to bring a bit of Vice City style to Grand Theft Auto V then pick up this mod by Jestic. This recreation brings all the colors, visual designs, architecture, and style from the original PlayStation 2 title. If you are growing bored with exploring Los Santos then consider giving it a fresh look with this mod.

8. Ultimate 100% Perfect Game Save by Flava0ne



For those looking to just beat Grand Theft Auto V as soon as you get it, the Ultimate 100% Perfect Game Save is the mod you’ll want to add. Not only does this give you a finished save file, but also comes with all the gold medals earned, collectibles, weapons, clothes, cars, and side activities finished. This is a fantastic tool if you don’t want to spend hundreds of hours gathering everything or if you want to play Grand Theft Auto V, but have already beaten it on another platform. This is the best 100% save file currently out and you can grab it right here.

9. Alternative Weapons by Z@gor

VideoVideo related to grand theft auto v: top 10 best free mods you need to try2017-07-05T10:16:17-04:00

if you’re a fan of melee combat than the Alternative Weapons Pack by Z@gor is what you have been looking for. Not only does it include some classics like a mace, katana, and hammer, but it also includes some funny weapons like a saxophone and street sign. Players can even use Captain America’s Shield to instill some Los Santos justice during your journey.

10. PoliceMod 2 by Dehan

VideoVideo related to grand theft auto v: top 10 best free mods you need to try2017-07-05T10:16:17-04:00

The cops in the GTA series have always acted as one of the main antagonists for players, but with the PoliceMod 2 by Dehan you can become an officer. Not only does this allow you to change your appearance to one of the various police related skins in the game, but go on patrol and arrest people. You can even get an A.I. partner to help you out when you’re trying to stop a dangerous criminal. Plus, it’s always nice to not get stars for shooting or beating up people on the street. They’re the bad guys after all, right?

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