FIFA 18: How to Have Success as a New Manager

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Managing a club just got a lot more exciting. In FIFA 18, the stakes are high and the pressure is intense for those willing to try their hand at the helm of a top flight team. As a manager, you’ll be responsible for the many tactical aspects of your team. In addition to your managerial duties, you must accomplish the business objectives set by the board of directors.

New interactive negotiations allow you to better control the transfer market and seize opportunities that you may have missed in previous editions. New menus allow for a better user experience as you peruse your players’ contracts, their positioning in team management, and assist in navigating the Global Transfer Network.

It’s time to take control of a team the way you’ve always dreamed. To be successful, here’s what you need to know.

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Welcome Back!

The welcome has never been warmer with your past exploits in FIFA coming full circle to offer you optional benefits as you start your new FIFA 18 managerial career. A boost to your opening transfer budget and the use of one top Global Scouting Network Scout are up for grabs in your first season.

Everything you need to grab a big name talent or find a diamond in the rough, is at your fingertips. If you aren’t looking for a handout or hand up these new boosts are optional and can be toggled off/on. Keep in mind these preseason boosts will not be available to newcomers who didn’t play FIFA 17.

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Like the Way You Look

Choose your name and your nationality. Are you going to be the first US coach to dominate Ligue 1 in France or will your Algerian manager conquer the prestigious Premier League? The choice is yours and so to is how you look.

Choose from 11 different avatars and watch as your manager takes on a new level of realism. Some of the faces you will remember from FIFA 17 but many more are brand new. This allows you to create the manager you always wanted to be and with this customization nearly completed, it’s time to get underway.

Participate in Preseason and Start Planning Your Transfers Right From the Start

There is nothing worse than losing one of your best players before the season begins and there is nothing better than the transfer window being open. Make sure to take a look through your roster and see what young talent you can loan off to other clubs. Keep your club lean while freeing up valuable space, by loaning young players away. While this can limit some of their growth potential, because you aren’t training these players, it will keep you from 15 mid-season requests for more playing time.

Keep your favorites, but not more than you need. Then its time to start planning your big sales and even bigger acquisitions. Scout players to see who is form and create a shortlist of your favorites. Use the long periods of simulation early in the season to get a lot of work done. Don’t let the days advance if you haven’t put all your plans into motion.

Are all your best players on the field for your first preseason game? Are you going to simulate any of these games? Hopefully, the answer is no to both questions. Don’t play all your best even to see what they can do. Remember injuries are always an option and if you simulate a game in the preseason you can expect that Alexis will lose a ligament. Play the games, get the exposure, and get your team ready for the long haul!

Manage the Ego and Manage the Team

Hey Skipper, I’m your worst player. I’ve very recently decided that I’m quite upset that I don’t start over Lionel Messi. I’m going to go ahead and lower team morale and my own form. As a manager, player messages like these will make you want to pull your hair out. Although, nothing is quite so bad as when your superstar suddenly becomes homesick.

The key is to manage your lineup closely and constantly give the hot streaks their due. It isn’t an easy balance with so many players on your team and having someone come in as a super sub doesn’t seem to give them the boost that starting them does. In this way it is important to cycle non-essential players in back to back games but you may have to start even fatigued players to keep them from making a fuss. The goal is if someone complains give them a lot of playing time and they will reverse their tune.


EA SportsInteractive Contract Negotiations

Know what you promised your players in their contracts and remember if you told 13 people they are crucial first team players then you are in big trouble. Don’t be too free with big contracts. If a player is looking for 1 year and 75 thousand dollars a week, then don’t give him 100,000 because he is your favorite. Conserve your funds and balance the needs of your players to keep them.

Get the Silverware but Don’t Forget the Future

It’s not the only financial goal to win a major trophy or have league success; it’s in your financial goals to develop youth players. You need to sell jerseys and you need to sell off new players you developed. If you wait until your second season to get started on this, you’re in big trouble.

Focus early on in your career on developing a youth team. Find the talent with scouts after your first transfer window closes and sign up the best before Liverpool comes to take everything away. The future of your career as a manager will require great planning, but in a season or two its worth it when CR7 asks to join your club.

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