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Barry Kramer, one of the editors and stars of popular Let’s Play channel Game Grumps, is leaving the channel.

Kramer posted an official statement on Twitter.

“It’s long been the plan that I would someday leave Game Grumps to pursue my own vision and that day has finally arrived,” he said.

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Kramer said that it’s terrifying to leave after working with the now 4.2 million subscribers-strong channel for the last five years, but he does so with his “head held high.” He also said that he was immensely proud of the work he did, the community he helped build, and “the incredible people I had the truly distinct pleasure of working with.”

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Kramer was brought on board Game Grumps since the early days of the channel, editing the show for Co-founders and Co-hosts Arin Hanson and Jon Jafari. He said that in the beginning he was “a silent worker,” editing videos in the background and not being expected to do anything else. But after appearing in a few episodes including one video of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where he finally spoke up, he grew to be one of the most prominent stars on the show making regular appearances in the channel’s spinoff shows, charity livestreams, sketches, music videos, live appearances, and more. He even began co-hosting the show “Table Flip” with Suzy Berhow and hosting his own show, “How About This Game?” on the GrumpOut channel.

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He considers himself very lucky to have been a part of Game Grumps.

“I will forever look back fondly on my time with Grumps (and the “Best of Barry” compilations will certainly make that easier) but now it’s time for me to start anew,” Kramer said. “I’m excited about what I’ll be doing next and I hope you’ll join me.”

Many fans and fellow YouTubers came out to show their encouragement as Barry announced his leave from the channel.

Kramer did promise that his new video will be published soon and that he’ll do a livestream afterwards.

Kramer isn’t the only prominent member to leave Game Grumps. Jafari left on June 25, 2013 to work on his own channel, JonTron. He was replaced by Dan Avidan, frontman of popular comedy band Ninja Sex Party. Animator Ross O’ Donovan joined the channel the same day to Co-host the spin off show Steam Train with Avidan.

Kevin Louis Abernathy was brought on board to take over Kramer’s editing duties in August 2014 after responding to an ad posted by Hanson, according to the Game Grumps wiki. Like Kramer, he appeared in videos and skits on the channel. He left in summer 2016 to focus on his interest in trailer editing and was replaced by Matt Watson and Ryan Magee of SuperMega.

The channel welcomed Berhow, Hanson’s wife, as the manager and she made appearances in videos starting with a playthrough of Mario Party 4, according to a Q&A with her. She also runs three different YouTube channels: makeup and fashion channel Mortem3r, animation channel Meeperfish, and Game Grumps affiliated gaming channel KittyKatGaming.

Brian “Ninja Brian” Wecht, the keyboardist for Ninja Sex Party, was brought on board as an official member in November 2015 appearing in a variety of the channel’s spin off shows according to the Game Grumps wiki.

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