Overwatch Brigitte: Let’s Take Wild Guesses About Her Weapon & Moves

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Talk Swedish to me.

Overwatch released a third teaser for it’s newest hero on Tuesday, this time tweeting out what looks like a weapon design.

It comes after two pieces of narrative were released over the last several days, the latter loosely mentioning Brigitte, Torbjörn’s daughter. That has led many to believe that Brigitte is the 27th hero to be added to Overwatch, and Tuesday’s tweet has done little to dissuade the masses.

Brigitte would be new to casual players, but she’s been around since the earliest days of the Overwatch universe. She first appeared in 2016, in the second Overwatch comic “Dragon Slayer.” In the issue, Brigitte and Reinhardt arrive in a small town threatened by a local street gang. She also appears briefly in the holiday comic “Reflections,” and has a speaking role in the “Honor and Glory” cinematic.

With that being said, let’s break down everything in that image, and try to guess what Brigitte’s kit will look like if she ever sees the battlefield.

Warning: Everything in this article is wild speculation. I have zero knowledge regarding impending characters and release dates.

Brigitte Weapon Hypothesis

It is the opinion of this author that Brigitte will be a tank hero. Her main attack will be melee, but she will also have some sort of projectile element. She will have at least one ability that will knock back her target.

Everything we’re breaking down here is in this tweet:

The Top-Left Sketch:

This sheet, combined with the arrow designating the top part of the weapon as a “segment” lead me to believe that this could be a projectile element. The drawing is similar in design to a few of Torbjörn’s sprays, which both resemble instructions you’d typically find at IKEA. I get the same vibe from this sketch.

Because this is (allegedly) Torbjörn’s daughter, the image is filled with Swedish words and phrases. Let’s do our best to break down what we see here.


Slaga is the Swedish word for flail, or a melee weapon that can be swung violently. In Old English, Slaga was also a noun for a killer.


Titanium Alloy. That’s the base of the Slaga.


Mikro is definitely a cognate for “micro” but I couldn’t get a strong result for the rest of the word. My best guess is Microfiber, which could be a necessity for durable armor.

Slaga Medkedja

Another rough translation, but “Kedja” directly translates to chain. It doesn’t give us anything new considering the image, but it could signify that the end of the staff becomes slightly detached, giving the wielder added range.

Bottom Right List

Swedish isn’t exactly my native tongue, but the internet provided me with some rough translations. Here’s a rough guess at the list in the bottom right:

titanium staff
countersunk screw
High cap nut
Car bolt

It’s the most badass grocery list ever assembled.

The flail, despite being a cool concept, didn’t actually see a ton of use used as a medieval weapon. But the Slaga looks more like a mace with the option of extending to a flail; a unique combination of two deadly weapons.

So here’s how the weapon works. The wielder swings the weapon like a club or a mace. However, there is an option to “release” the weapon, opening the sides and loosening the chain attached to the head. The wielder can now swing the weapon at greater range, doing more damage and potentially hitting more enemies i the process.

Also, there’s an orange cat paw poking around at the bottom. A cat appeared in “Reflections,” but it was an orange cat with white paws. So either Blizzard artists have some continuity issues, or there’s a new cat coming to the Overwatch universe.

Screw it, the next character could be Brigitte, or it could finally be JetPack Cat time.