How to Use the Collection in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Forsaken Collection

Destiny 2’s latest DLC – Forsaken – offers players a plethora of new missions, weapons, armor pieces, and even Supers to obtain. Even with the massive increase in Vault space, it can be daunting to try an unlock everything in-game. Thankfully, Bungie has implemented a Collection system that allows players to keep track of their Exotics, weapons, armor, and a variety of different cosmetic items.

(Disclaimer: This guide was written from the information we obtained during the Forsaken preview event. We will update this piece if anything has changed.)

The Collection tab will be unlocked as soon as you open up Destiny 2 after Forsaken releases. This is a massive directory of all the items you’ve unlocked and have yet to get in this game. Not only can you see how to unlock every gun, but anything you’ve previously received can be repurchased for a price.

When you open up your menu, scroll to the left until you hit the Collection tab. From here you can pick from a variety of different options including weapons, armor, and flair. Once you decide which section you want to view, the Collection gives you the option to scroll through a variety of different parameters. Make sure to check through all of them, as it’s difficult to know where every piece of armor and weapon came from.

Once you have picked the weapon you want back, just select it and you will automatically purchase the gun. The cost is fairly low, but keep in mind that these weapons have predesignated rolls. This means you won’t have a chance at a “god roll” for any of these guns, regardless of how many you buy. Here are the prices for Legendary and Exotic items in the Collection:


  • 500 Glimmer
  • 5 Legendary Shards
  • 5 Gunsmith Materials


  • 777 Glimmer
  • 7 Legendary Shards
  • 7 Gunsmith Materials

The Collection also houses a variety of cosmetic options such as ships, Sparrows, and you can even purchase Shaders. While these still cost consumable materials, it’s a fantastic way to ensure that you won’t have to rely on Eververse for multiples of a certain Shader type.

There is no punishment for using the Collection, so if you want to test specific weapons or Exotic combinations consider using this new system. Just remember, anything you buy from the Collection will drop at a lower Light so you’ll have to infuse them.

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